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Sharon Geary is a fictional character and supporting antagonist of the long-running British soap opera Coronation Street. She appeared as a supporting antagonist in 2019 and 2020.

She is portrayed by Naomi Cooper-Davis.


Sharon Geary first came to Weatherfield in 2019 as the henchwoman of her loan shark employer Rick Neelan. She was his debt collector and therefore played a major part in helping operate his criminal empire on the street.

At somepoint, Sharon was dispatched to target Rick's latest target Gary Windass over his debt problems. It had earlier turned out that Gary sabotaged the Underworld Factory which caused the death of local resident Rana Habeeb, and he later allowed the neighborhood to believe that his villainous arch-nemesis Pat Phelan was responsible prior to his death at the hands of Gary's mother Anna Windass. Soon enough Sharon begins to target Gary's girlfriend Sarah Platt in an attempt to force Gary into compliance, but Gary knocks out Sharon before fleeing with Sarah and helping Rick's other clients escape his wrath.

Gary would later kill Rick in a showdown between them, during which Sharon contacts Rick to say that she doesn't want to work for him anymore. When Rick's disappearance comes into question, Sharon confronts Gary and warns him that Rick's daughter Kelly Neelan is getting worried about her father. She makes Gary promise to provide for Kelly until Rick resurfaces, not knowing that Rick is dead as a result. Gary agrees and proceeds to takeover Rick's business before recruiting Sharon as his personal enforcer. At one point he hires her to drug his enemy Ali Neeson for interfering in Gary's relationship with their lover Maria Connor, whilst also investigating Sarah's new boyfriend Adam Barlow after he joins Rana's brother Imran in trying to bring Gary to justice for his crimes.

By 2021, Sharon has yet to reappear in Weatherfield but it is likely that she still continues to work for Gary as he often contacts her for favors.



  • She has made a total of 19 appearances during her time on the show.