Shatterax (real name: Roco-Bal) is a cybernetic Kree super soldier and a member of Starforce, the team of super powered Kree created to counter the Shi'ar Imperial Guard during the Operation Galactic Storm storyline.


During the Kree - Shi'ar War, the order his scientist to activate Shatterax despite reports that his repairs were incomplete. The warrior was quickly activated although he had a shortened lifespan. He was commanded to capture the that were in Kree space due to the ensuing war that was taking place. Shatterax tracked the Avengers to the outpost where they were operating from and engaged in battle. Shatterax appeared to have the upper-hand in the confrontation when Iron man surrendered on behalf of his teammates. Shatterax turned the captives over to Ronan the Accuser.

Shatterax was then sent by the Supreme Intelligence to gather Ultimus, Captain Atlas, Korath and Doctor Minerva to form the team Starforce.

Much later, Shatterax had a cameo as one of the Kree assimilated by the Phalanx during Annihilation Conquest.

Powers and abilities

1370394-shatterax fly

Shatterax can survive in the vacuum of space, fly at high speed, class 50 super strenght, blades from his wrists and the ability of shooting powerful beams from his hands. He has also advanced sensors that could see through stealth technology.


  • Shatterax's mask looks like the mask of a Kamen Rider.
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