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Hello, Ben. Welcome to New Jersey.
~ Shaw greeting Ben after he jumps from the USS Intrepid.

Shaw is the secondary antagonist of the 2004 film National Treasure. He is Ian Howe's right-hand man and best friend.

He is portrayed by David Dayan Fisher who also portrayed Xaldin in the Kingdom Hearts series.


He was a part of Ben and Ian's group that went searching for the ship Charlotte near the Arctic Circle. When they found it and discovered the clue indicating that a map to find the Knights Templar Treasure was located on the back of the Declaration of Independence, Shaw sided with Ian, who wanted to keep all the treasure for himself. After the Charlotte explodes (supposedly killing Ben and Riley) Shaw joins Ian and his other thugs in an attempt to steal the Declaration.

When they encounter Ben at the National Archives (who steals the Declaration to protect it) Shaw attempts to shoot Ben, but Ben uses the Declaration case as a shield against it.

When Ian and his gang follow Ben, Riley, and Abigail to Philadelphia, Shaw goes after Riley and Abigail, to steal the glasses (which they found concealed within a brick wall at Independence Hall) that were needed to read the map on the Declaration, and the Declaration itself, from them. When Ian obtains the Declaration, he uses Ben's father as a hostage to get Ben and his friends to help them get the next clue. This leads them to Trinity Church, where they then break a tomb in order to reach where the treasure was. As they went deeper into the huge room, the boards that Shaw was standing on broke, dropping Shaw through several other bridges to his death.