I heard you’re… looking for someone. Heh.
~ Shady Man to Yang Xiao Long.
Now, to pay me back for this tooth we're gonna take your bike... and you're gonna take your lumps.
~ Shay D. Mann, before attacking Yang.

Shay D. Mann, also known as Shady Man is a minor antagonist of Volume 5 in the world of RWBY. He is a bandit from the Branwen Tribe.

He was voiced by Clifford Chapin.



Nothing is known about Shady Man's life prior to the events of the series, but he is a bandit and a member of the Branwen Tribe and serves his leader, Raven Branwen.

Volume 5

Yang Xiao Long stops to fuel up her motorcycle, Bumblebee and get some water. The Shady Man is a drunk customer at the Just Rite fuel station. He is a touch lascivious, verbally appraising Yang's body. He persists in hitting on Yang despite her refusal, even going so far as to attempt to touch her hair. After she knocks his tooth out, ejecting him from the building in the process he does not act at all like he holds her reaction against her. In fact, he's brave enough to approach her and make in offer in helping her find someone he overheard she's looking for.

The Shady Man brings Yang Xiao Long into the forest, but his intention was an ambush by a small assembly of bandits from the Branwen Tribe. Yang easily defeats them.

Later at the front camp, Shay is confronted by Mercury Black, Emerald Sustrai, Cinder Fall and Arthur Watts.


  • The fuel station Yang stops at, "Just Rite", as well as her brief exchange with the Shady Man, is a reference to her Goldilocks allusion.


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