The She-Droid was originally designed for industrial work by inventor Tony Stark (Iron Man). When it became obsolete, he sent it to Stark West for recycling, but the trucker Jake Fox was blackmailed by crime boss Nicholas Trask into surrendering the contents of the whole shipment to him.

Bolivar Trask claimed custody of the stolen shipment, but before he could kill Fox to silence him, the She-Hulk raced by trying to save the life of her best friend Jill Ridge. The crate with the stolen robot in it was damaged enough to give the She-Hulk a glance at it. Seeing the She-Hulk gave Trask the idea to make the robot over in the She-Hulk's image so she'd take the blame of the crimes it would commit.

Trask painted and designed the She-Droid to resemble descriptions of the She-Hulk. He sent it to kill his men in jail to keep them from turning state's evidence against him and then to kill Fox to keep him silent on the location of the stolen technology. Framing the She Hulk for the murders, Trask discovered Jen Walters in hiding after Jill's death and sent the She-Droid to kill her. Her best friend Daniel "Zapper" Ridge fended it off long enough for her to become the She-Hulk and render it inoperable.

Watching from cameras in the detached head of the She-Droid, Trask discovered that Walters was the She-Hulk.

The She-Hulk headed to Zuma Beach to dig up the remains of the She-Droid and prove her innocence to Iron Man in the murder of Jacob Fox.

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