Shea Williamson
Shea Williamson is the main villainess from "Reality Kills," episode 9.06 of CSI: Miami.

She was played by Vanessa Lengies.

Shea Williamson is one of the cast members of The Boroughs, a Jersey Shore-esque reality TV show. It was revealed later on that Shea's real name is Elizabeth, and she is a graduate from MIT. However, the degree came with debt, which was one reason why Shea participated in The Boroughs. Shea also stated another reason: she wanted an actual social life, something she never had.

When fellow cast member Courtney Alderman planned to leave the show due to her pregnancy, Shea became enraged, as Courtney leaving on her own accord would end the show and take away the social life that Shea craved. During her confrontation with Courtney, Shea snapped off a sharp piece of a Statue of Liberty ice sculpture, and stabbed Courtney in her right ear, killing her and sending Courtney stumbling over the stage.

The murder weapon quickly melted, but Shea's spray tan on the sculpture revealed her as the killer. Wolfe and Natalia confronted the villainess during filming of The Boroughs, and it was there that her past was revealed, as well as her reasons for doing the show. Shea stated that she had no plans to go back to her old life, and voiced her anger at Courtney for threatening to take that from her, right before she was handcuffed and arrested by Wolfe.