The Sheep Cops are supporting antagonists from Disney's 55th full-length animated feature film Zootopia. They are unnamed crooked sheep police officers of the ZPD who are working for Dawn Bellwether during her plot to demonize all predators and create a prey-supremacist society in Zootopia.


The Sheep Cops were first seen near the beginning of the film when Judy Hopps enters the ZPD station before meeting up with Benjamin Clawhauser. Little did Judy know that the Sheep Cops are involved in a conspiracy that involves outlawing all predators from Zootopia.

During the climax, upon learning from Doug Ramses, Woolter and Jesse about their subway lab being taken away by Judy and her partner Nick Wilde, Bellwether decided to take action, so she brings the Sheep Cops as backup.

The sheep cops later appeared when Nick and Judy arrived to the National History Museum, as they got hold of a weapon that fires serums (made out of a flower called a Night Howler) that can turn any predator savage. Upon meeting Bellwether, Judy is excited at first, but then suspciously asks how she knew where to find her and Nick, just as the Ram Thug corners them. Realizing now that the ploy is off, Bellwether orders both the Sheep Cops and the Ram Thug to get Nick and Judy.

After the Ram Thug head-butts Nick and Judy into a pit exhibit, Bellwether fires a serum at Nick in hopes that he would kill Judy and destroy all of the predators' reputation in Zootopia, thus allowing Bellwether to stay in power in a prey-supremacist society. The Sheep Cops all watch without expression as Nick attacks Judy, only to find out that the entire scene was a ploy to trick Bellwether into confessing her plan as Nick switched the serum with blueberries while Judy records the entire conversation with her carrot pen.

Judy then plays the confession just as the ZPD arrives to the scene, exposing Bellwether's scheme in the process. It can be implied that the Sheep Cops are arrested along with Bellwether and her other cronies for their crimes and sent to prison afterwards.


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