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Sheep Creep is a minor antagonist of Skylanders: Trap Team. He is a member of the Life element.


He is a regular sheep that has bluish-green eyes and has white fur. Whenever he sees someone, he uses his weapons (cork guns and cotton ball explosions).


Sheep Creep is only as mighty as an ordinary sheep, but among other sheeps, he possesses noteworthy leadership skills. He also packs a corkshooter which fires a stream of corks. However, not having great durability or good armor penetrating attacks, he is extremely easy to defeat, as one could defeat him in just a few seconds.


Trap Team

Sheep Creep was sent to the island of Cloudcracker Prison for leading a violent sheep rebellion. Very little is known about his past, something he has in common with all the other trappable villains. He first appears at the Soda Springs and is the first villain to be fought in the story, using his corkshooters to defeat the Skylanders. However, after he is defeated, he gets captured and trapped in a Life trap.




  • He's one of the only enemies to not have a character spell (besides his special ability).
  • He's one of the only trappable villains that don't speak in the game (the others are Chompy, Buzzer Beak, Bone Chompy, and Grinnade).
  • He's the only trappable villain to be defeated with two hits (however, the Gulper is defeated in even less).
  • It is mentioned that he was imprisoned for leading a sheep uprising. It is possible that this may be the same uprising seen as a mini-game in Skylanders: Giants.
  • His evolved coloration is a reference to the "black sheep" phrase
  • The term "sheep creep" is used to describe a purposefully constructed gap in the base on a drystone wall.


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