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Greetings, my loyal sheep! It is I, the one and only Sheep Mage! For too long, we sheep have been knocked around by the citizens of Skylands! (Sheep Puppet: Yeah, we're always getting picked on!) But no longer!
~ The Sheep Mage

The Sheep Mage is the main antagonist in the Skylanders Adventure Pack, Sheepwreck Island. He is the brother of the Chompy Mage.


The Sheep Mage first appeared before his sheep army after Flynn traveled to Sheepwrecked Island, where he pretended to be a sheep. The Sheep Mage spoke to his sheep, saying that they were always picked on by Skylands but claimed no more as Flynn agreed with him, accidently exposing himself. After the Sheep Mage discovered that Flynn was an imposter, he turned him into a sheep.

He later encountered the Skylanders, making him transform into a giant sheep that began to suck them in.


He shares the similar abilities with the Chompy Mage as he can summon sheep and turn people into them. He can also transform into a giant sheep, which is capable of flying, sucking things into its mouth and blowing things away. He is capable of summoning portals to teleport himself or others. However unlike his brother, all of his powers come from his magical staff, without it he is powerless.

Physical Appearance

The Sheep Mage, just like his brother, the Chompy Mage, has a long white beard, carries a staff, and has a puppet. Except, he is taller, and dresses up like a sheep.


  • The Sheep Mage shares many similarities to his brother, the Chompy Mage:
    • Both have a crazy obsession over an animal.
    • Both are guided by a puppet of those animals on their hands.
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