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Sheex is a major villain in the RPG video game Secret of Mana. He is the highest-ranking general of the Vandole Empire, second only Emperor Vandole himself, albeit oddly enough the second least recurring and the least important plot-wise.


Original artworks depict him as a tall, stocky-built, middle-aged man with a rough face and a stern expression, blue hair and a beard, sporting a breast-plate and a longsword.

The remake makes him much lankier and younger-looking, with purplish-blue hair, but gives him strong demonic vibes, with pointed ears, red eyes, a spiky suit of armour and a red-bladed longsword, evidencing his deal with Mavolia (The Mana counterpart of Hell).

He is a highly skilled fighter and master of ninja tricks, and an expert spy, infiltrating Tasnica and impersonating his ruler well enough to fool everyone.

He gained vast powers from his deal with Mavolia, becoming able to shape-shift and teleport himself or others. His true form is a giant plant demon with huge speed and agility, as well as dangerous Wood spells.

Sheex is cold and aloof, but cruel, vicious and sadistic, greatly enjoying fooling or killing victims, though he does send bystanders out of harm.

He is fiercely loyal to his liege, but staunchly arrogant and vindictive, craving revenge against the heroes for besting him and proving, even in death, unable to process that "mere children" could surpass him.

Role in the Story

Sheex's original artwork

Sheex first appears when the heroes confront the Emperor in his castle of Northtown, but he wordlessly stands by the tyrant's side, leaving Geshtar deal with them.

Later in Lemlian Castle, the capital of the Republic of Tasnica, the heroes seek out the Chancellor, who accuses them of being spies right away and orders them caught. However, their mentor the Tasnican General Gemma, who had been suspecting a spy for a while, intervenes in their favor and notices that the Chancellor casts no shadow.

Unmasked, the Dark Stalker laments that he was about to topple the Empire's greatest rival from within. He teleports Gemma and his guards away and prepares to kill both the heroes and the paralyzed Chancellor, only to be beaten and forced to flee.

The Dark Stalker's identity is only revealed in the Tree Palace. As Emperor Vandole prepares to deal with the heroes himself, Sheex steps in, demanding to fight them as a revenge for Tasnica.

Sheex as the Dark Stalker

He reveals both his true demonic form and the Empire's deal with Mavolia, but even in this state he cannot prevails and dies in disbelief. Still, he did buy enough time for his liege to unseal the Mana Fortress: the ancient flying warship of unmatched power that the Empire needs to take over the world of Fa'Diel.

Boss Battles

The Dark Stalker

The Dark Stalker is far and away the easiest boss of the game, barely the level of a powerful enemy. He travels as a shadow, throws shurikens and casts Ice Sabre on his sword (twin sabres in the remake) and Dispel Magic to break buff spells (not that the heroes need it), but can be felled by a single Lucent Beam spell of high enough level, and even with weapons alone he goes down laughably quickly.


Sheex's demonic form Aegagropilon

Aegagropilon on the other hand is considerably tougher, though even he poses little troubles to heroes at high-enough level. The heroes need Dispel Magic at least at level 4 is needed to break his Wall spell that reflects back all their magic. Using Magic Absorb to deplete his power is advised after, for he spams the level 7 spells Sleep Flower and Burst, forcing the heroes to cure and heal often.

Even then, he stomps, jump high to trample the heroes, and vanishes his legs to roll at high speed. The heroes must spam their best spells. Moon Sabre is advised for it drains life-points with each strike.


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