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Shego is the secondary antagonist of the 2019 Disney Channel Original Movie Kim Possible, based on the TV series of the same name. She is the levelheaded, sadistic and heinous sidekick of Dr. Drakken and acts as the more competent of the duo.

She was portrayed by Taylor Ortega.


In her first appearance, Shego is seen breaking into a secure prison were Dr. Drakken is being held with relative ease and prepares to free him. Upon discovering Drakken she immediately begins teasing him upon discovering him holding a doll in his hands. She then hurries him along into escaping before the prison guards appear and the two make their way back to Drakken's lair. Upon arrival, the duo immediately begin arguing over the lair's inferiority to his previous lair up until Shego remarks that Drakken has always been foiled by someone over half his age, Kim Possible, this allows for a new evil scheme to concoct in Drakken's head in which he seeks to replicate her talents and impressive skill set. From this point on he begins spying on Kim and his plan significantly slows itself down, Shego notices this and remarks that the plan is already failing due to Kim's skill set appearing to be somewhat weaker than what they had initially thought. In spite of this however Drakken points out that this is merely insecurities set on by the difficulties of high school meaning that Kim was at her lowest moment and henceforth presenting the two with the oppurtunity to perform the act.



Shego is a cold-hearted, charismatic, short-tempered and mercurial in mood. Often times however she finds the pain of others to be funny particularly with her boss, although she's also very agitated with his stupidity. In a strange sense however much like her animated counterpart she has a strange sort of attachment towards Drakken and continues to find herself assisting him and living with him despite her annoyance towards his behaviour and incompetence.


Shego is a young, slim, tanned woman with long dark hair and brown eyes. Throughout the movie she is seen wearing a skin-tight leather catsuit which varies through shades of black, grey and green in colour. She also wears long black boots and wears olive lipstick.

While posing as the de-aged Drakken's mother she is seen wearing a green trenchcoat and formal office wear which she displays her discomfort towards.


  • Shego's costume was slightly altered from her original outfit in the TV Series as it didn't translate very well in live action with the costume designers claiming that it looked like pyjamas in live action.


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