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Kneel or die!
~ Sheidheda

Sheidheda, also known as the Dark Commander, is a major antagonist in the post-apocalyptic TV series The 100, serving as the secondary antagonist of the sixth season and started as one of the two main antagonists (alongside Bill Cadogan) in the seventh and final season. He is the former Commander of the Grounders and the archenemy of Indra. While he's typically called Sheidheda or the Dark Commander, his real name is Malachi as revealed in the seventh season. However, he never uses it and instead prefers his title. Having died at some point in the past, killed by his own teacher for being pure evil, his consciousness survived in the Flame AI along with the minds of the other deceased Commanders. Sheidheda's consciousness would resurface to influence each new Commander towards evil, forcing them to perform a ritual that would call upon the minds of the other Commanders in order to seal him away.

In the sixth season, Sheidheda's consciousness manifests itself through the Flame to the current Commander Madi Griffin. An attempt to seal Sheidheda away fails and he begins appearing to Madi in the waking world. The Dark Commander begins pushing Madi to increasingly dark acts under his influence with Madi, enraged by her mother's apparent death, not resisting him. As time goes on, Sheidheda gains greater influence over the girl and even begins possessing her body. After Madi fights him and Raven Reyes attempts to delete the Dark Commander from the Flame, Sheidheda tries to kill Madi, forcing Raven to destroy the Flame in order to stop him. However, Sheidheda is able to escape by uploading his consciousness elsewhere.

In the seventh season, the Dark Commander is revealed to have uploaded himself to the Mind Drive of Russell Lightbourne. By killing Russell inside of his own head, Sheidheda destroys Russell's mind and is resurrected in the deposed Prime's body. The Dark Commander begins manipulating the various factions on Sanctum in order to gain power for himself with great success even whilst imprisoned. Indra, who witnessed Sheidheda's atrocities as a child, devotes herself to stopping him for good and removes his Mind Drive to ensure that the Dark Commander can never be resurrected again when he does die. Sheidheda is able to take over Sanctum, but later forms an alliance with Bill Cadogan and the Disciples before turning on them. After trying to cause a war between the two sides, the Dark Commander is finally killed by Indra. With the Flame destroyed and his Mind Drive removed, Sheidheda's consciousness is left with nowhere to escape to this time and it dies with Russell's body, bringing a final end to the Dark Commander's tyranny.

He is portrayed by Dakota Daulby and JR Bourne while possessing Russell Lightbourne.


Sheidheda is nothing more than a evil, blood-thirsty sadistic commander and warlord whose favorite saying is "kneel or die." Before his death, Sheidheda was a fearsome tyrant who killed his own teachers for binding him. Sheidheda later claimed to John Murphy that his teachers were afraid of him leading to their actions, with his fourth teacher ultimately killing him for being pure evil. He also butchered every family who defied him. After his original death, Sheidheda's mind in the Flame was seeking to turn back and manipulated Madi for this. He used Clarke's "death" for this reason and corrupted her to kill every people who crossed their line. He wouldn't hesitate to kill Madi when Raven threatened to kill him, showing that Sheidheda only cared about Madi's body.

After his resurrection, Sheidheda proved himself to be highly manipulative and intelligent as well as an excellent actor, posing as Russell Lightbourne without trouble. It was only Indra, who had experience with the Dark Commander as a child, who eventually saw through his deception. Despite Indra's hatred for him, the Dark Commander appeared to respect her to a degree as seen with their interactions. In addition, he appeared to genuinely like John Murphy who proved to be one of the few people able to match wits with Sheidheda, something that the Dark Commander respected. The Dark Commander often evaluated his opponents and conversed with them over a game of chess, presumably because of the strategic nature of the game. In turn, their game of chess gave Murphy an understanding of how Sheidheda operated. The Dark Commander's manipulation of the various factions of Sanctum led to him regaining power as the ruler of the moon, forcing even Indra to bow to him, albeit to save Madi.

On several occasions, Sheidheda has proven himself to be an incredibly formidable warrior with few equals. Even Indra, with her decades of experience, was ultimately no match for him in single combat and only managed to later defeat the Dark Commander with the help of her daughter Gaia. When faced with about a dozen armed Disciples, Sheidheda effortlessly slaughtered them all single-handedly.

After the arrival of Bill Cadogan and being severely wounded, Sheidheda seemed somewhat more subdued in his weakened state, but didn't hesitate to ally with Indra to escape captivity, at one point going so far as to save Indra's life. In turn, Indra chose not to kill the Dark Commander but instead to leave him to die of his wounds as repayment for his actions. However, this opened the door for Sheidheda to make a deal with the Disciples.

Upon recovering from his wound and learning about Transcendence, Sheidheda made a deal with Cadogan to get him Madi in exchange for being left alone as the ruler of Sanctum. However, not liking the idea of Transcendence nor that it would come down "Transcend or die" in the end, the Dark Commander betrayed his allies and attempted to kill Madi, taking enjoyment in sadistically tormenting her before going in for the kill. After being defeated by Indra and Gaia, Sheidheda fled rather than risk allowing Indra to kill him and, after being imprisoned, tormented those around him by singing nonstop. When Clarke and Octavia were rescued by Levitt, they released the Dark Commander who agreed to help them as a distraction, both because they had a common enemy and because they would've left him locked up otherwise.

At the end of his second life, Sheidheda took advantage of tensions between Wonkru and the Disciples to trigger a war, reveling in the chaos that he was causing. When Indra attempted to countermand his actions, the Dark Commander declared that he was in charge, not Indra and worked his followers up into a frenzy. However, this proved to be his undoing as Indra took the opportunity to kill the Dark Commander once and for all, his death shocking both sides into stopping the war he had attempted to begin long enough for Octavia Blake to talk them down.



Sheidheda was born a Nightblood named Malachi amongst Sangedakru (Desert Clan) and eventually became the Commander of the Grounders. Instead of following the teachings of his Flamekeeper, he felt like the Flamekeeper was trying to control him. He eventually became impatient and killed his own Flamekeeper. He ultimately killed three Flamekeepers before being killed himself by his fourth. During his life, Sheidheda became a tyrant feared by all, at some point dispensing with the use of his real name Malachi and preferring to go only by his title Sheidheda which means "Dark Commander" in the Grounders' language, signifying the evil and fear that he represented.

During Indra's childhood, when he was the Commander and took Trikru land, he butchered anyone who wouldn't bow and their families. She also saw him. Her father died in the battle but her mother kneeled before him, something that Indra thought her a fool for. It's later implied that she kneeled in exchange for the Dark Commander sparing her daughter's life.

Like all Commanders, when Sheidheda died, his consciousness was saved by the Flame AI. The Dark Commander's mind would go on to try to influence future Commanders to evil, causing the Flamekeepers to create a ritual that would call upon the other deceased Commanders to isolate Sheidheda's mind from the current Commander as they were unable to get rid of his consciousness for good.

Influencing Madi

After coming to Sanctum, Madi is communing with the other Commanders, including Sheidheda who frightened the young girl. Gaia mentions to Josephine (pretending to be Clarke) that Sheidheda is getting too strong and they need to perform the Separation Ritual to stop him. Josie ignores Gaia's advice and wakes Madi up abruptly. After that, the Dark Commander starts revealing himself to Madi whenever she looks in the mirrors. After realizing what's going on, Gaia tells Madi that they must perform the Separation Ritual right away in order to call upon the other commanders to stop Dark Commander.

During the ritual, Madi finds herself in a room with no one but Sheidheda. Sheidheda tells Madi that Gaia is lying to her in order to restrict her. He tells her that his own teacher used to control him too so, he killed him. He urges Madi to kill Gaia. Madi refuses and wakes up. Later on, after learning that Clarke is dead, Sheidheda convinces Madi that Gaia is to blame for Clarke's death. He asks Madi to kill Gaia but Madi banishes her instead. Taking advantage of Madi's anger and grief, Sheidheda agrees to help guide Madi in her quest to kill the Primes.

Later, Madi sees Sheidheda as she discusses killing the Primes with her friends and effectively committing genocide upon Sanctum. When they refuse to help her, Madi enacts her plan on her own under Sheidheda's influence. After the previous events, Sheidheda continues to influence Madi to madness to the point that Gaia suggests killing Madi to prevent Sheidheda from being loosed upon the world which would make them long for the days of Blodreina. As the others try to get answers from Madi, Sheidheda orders her to tell them nothing.  Raven suggests that this means that the code from the minds of the Commanders can be deleted and they can possibly get rid of Sheidheda for good. Raven orders Gaia to go get get  Becca Franco's book to see if her theory is correct. While Madi is tied up to withdraw bone marrow for Nightblood serum, Sheidheda wants her to kill Jackson but Madi resists. While playing chess with Madi in the Flame's mindspace, Sheidheda insists that Madi should kill everyone in Sanctum and rule over this new world just like he ruled over his world. Madi refuses to kill anyone else besides the Primes but Sheidheda insists they should kill anyone who betrays them or stands in their way in getting revenge for Clarke. Madi agrees and asks him what she needs to do next.

After that Raven tries to delete Sheidheda from the Flame without the help of Becca's notebook. During the process, Sheidheda briefly possesses Madi and threatens to kill her they delete himself. Raven proves unable to hack the AI on her own and delete Sheidheda. Raven notes and is confused by the fact that the AI seems to be protecting Sheidheda.

Sheidheda later possesses Madi and uses her to order the awake Wonkru members attack the Primes and their guards. Several people are killed before Clarke knocks Madi unconscious. Using Becca's notebook, Raven successfully hacks the Artificial Intelligence with the plan to isolate Sheidheda, move him to another computer and then delete the Dark Commander for good. However, she finds a kill code that wasn't in the notebook, one that would destroy the Flame and realizes that Sheidheda created it and is forcing them to choose.

After Clarke floats the other Primes, Russell intends to execute Madi, but is talked out of it by Sheidheda who offers him a better way to get revenge. Using Madi's command of Wonkru, Sheidheda and Russell turn them against Clarke and the others. However, Clarke manages to break through to Madi who regains control from Sheidheda and orders Wonkru to take Lightbourne and his men captive. Enraged, Sheidheda strangles Madi in her mind while she struggles against him to no avail. With no other choice, Raven activates the kill code, deleting the Flame and causing Sheidheda to disappear. Moments after the dead Flame is removed from Madi, the group discovers that Sheidheda tricked them and his consciousness is uploaded to an unknown location, leaving his fate unknown.


Unfortunately, Sheidheda turns out to have uploaded his consciousness into Russell's Mind Drive. After Clarke knocks the deposed Prime out, he awakens in a shared Mindspace with the Dark Commander. Sheidheda slits Russell's throat, killing him and resurrecting himself in Russell's body. The Dark Commander then manipulates Clarke into saving him from a fire, but she announces that "Russell" will be executed the next morning for his crimes.

The next morning, Sheidheda, still posing as Russell, is mentioned to have been visited by many of Russell's remaining followers. Looking through a book, Sheidheda enjoys the sensations of having a body again before being visited by Clarke and Indra who announce his execution at sunset. Given a choice of executions, Sheidheda decides on burning at the stake so that Russell's followers will be forced to witness it as will Clarke.

Later, concerned that the Adjusters are planning something drastic, Jordan Green visits "Russell" for help. Sheidheda rejects food, stating that it will all turn to ash anyway and wanting to die and facing it are two separate things. Jordan begs Sheidheda to help "his" people who are planning some kind of an attack to stop the execution which will lead to people dying. Sheidheda simply tells Jordan to tell them not to kill him, surprising Jordan by his lack of caring. Jordan tries to convince Sheidheda to go out doing the right thing, using his voice to stop his people from dying. Sheidheda suggests that he ask his people nicely and Jordan says that he won't be asking by his father's son before leaving.

Jordan convinces the others to bring "Russell" out to address his people, though Indra threatens to kill him herself if he doesn't say what he's supposed to say which Clarke warns Sheidheda. Sheidheda states that they both want the same thing, peace before addressing the crowd. Sheidheda tells the crowd that if his death is needed to bring peace, then so be it and urges them not to take action as Clarke is right that they are all that's left of the human race. Declaring Sheidheda to be a false god, a man tries to kill him, but only succeeds in shooting Sheidheda in the shoulder before being beaten down by the crowd. As chaos breaks out, Clarke and Eric Jackson tend to Sheidheda's gunshot wound which damaged his subclavian artery. As he's taken off to Medical, Indra asks if Sheidheda will survive. Clarke believes so and Indra states that she hopes he does otherwise "Russell" will become a martyr to the fanatics and without Wonkru to keep the peace, Sanctum will explode. Clarke reluctantly realizes that they can't kill him which Indra confirms.

As Jackson treats his wound, Sheidheda questions if something is wrong. Jackson asks if he even cares about the people he's killed and Sheidheda states that his list of regrets is a long one before being interrupted by Indra. Indra informs Sheidheda that his execution has been cancelled as Russell's followers will burn Sanctum to the ground if they go through with it. The Dark Commander knows that they don't have the forces to stop it, pointing out that some of his guards are gone. One of Russell's followers warned of the attack and so is allowed to see Sheidheda as the fanatics no longer trust Jordan. The woman secretly tells Sheidheda that he had been right about Jordan who never suspected and did exactly what Sheidheda said he would while the shooter, Tobin, is dead. Pleased, Sheidheda enjoys the cookie she brought as the woman leaves.

After one of Russell's followers, now calling themselves the Faithful, commits suicide, Indra asks Sheidheda how it feels to know that his people are willing to die for his freedom. Sheidheda claims that it feels awful and offers to talk them down again, but Indra decides to have John Murphy, still posing as Daniel Lee, do it instead.

As the Faithful are about to burn Murphy alive, Sheidheda enters with Indra and Emori, slapping Trey for his audacity and threatening Zev. Sheidheda calls himself, Daniel and Kaylee the last of the Primes and claims to love Murphy like a son as Murphy saved his life. Sheidheda orders Murphy's release, before turning and berating the Faithful for trying to sacrifice themselves for his sake when their uprising had stayed his execution as they are the only thing keeping him alive. Sheidheda demands that everyone kneel or die which they do, but it causes Indra to realize Sheidheda's identity. In Trig, Indra tells Sheidheda that there is a spider on his shoulder and he replies in kind that its too bad she can't kill him. Indra orders "Russell" escorted back to the lab.

Revelation of his true identity

Indra confronts Sheidheda, finally knowing what happened to the Dark Commander's code when they saved Madi. Sheidheda simply states that they both know Madi was too weak to be the Commander and asks if Indra's parents knelt when he conquered Trikru. Indra reveals that her father died in the battle, but her mother did kneel when it was over and Indra thought her weak for it. Indra states that when the people riot for the loss of their god, she plans to personally slit the Dark Commander's throat. As several people, including Nelson enter, Indra states that she may not be able to kill Sheidheda just yet, but she can make sure that he won't come back when she does kill him. Indra has Jackson painfully cut out Russell's Mind Drive so that the Dark Commander can never resurrect again.

Sheidheda emerges from his cell, much to Indra's fury. The guard explains that he is allowed outside for ten minutes every day, but the fact that the guard was talking to Sheidheda causes Indra to dismiss him as Sheidheda predicted. Indra orders that only Trikru is to guard Sheidheda who is not to speak to anyone and if he does, they are authorized to "shut him up." Indra changes her mind and instead orders that the Children of Gabriel guard the Dark Commander due to the risk of them being seen speaking with the enemy leader.

After dismissing the guard, Indra makes it clear to Sheidheda that he has no rights, but he is unconcerned, responding in Trig that he is recovering fine and he enjoyed resurrection and would've enjoyed the chance to be able to do it again. Indra states that the moment Sheidheda stops being useful, she will kill him herself. The Dark Commander mocks the number of people Indra has on her side and the theft of Wonkru's guns. Sheidheda states that what Indra needs is a Commander, but claims that Madi is broken. He suggests that Clarke could potentially lead as she once bore the Flame which only three people alive can claim to have done. The Dark Commander knows that Indra is afraid that Wonkru will choose to follow him, commenting that he would be too if Sheidheda was her. Furious, Indra leaves without another word while Sheidheda gives her a mocking nod.

Sheidheda is examining a chess figurine when Nelson enters, initially mistaken by the Dark Commander for Indra. Not satisfied with the Dark Commander being unable to resurrect, Nelson attacks, attempting to kill him. However, he proves to be no match for Sheidheda who easily overpowers and disarms Nelson. After winning the fight, Sheidheda helps Nelson up, stating that if he really had been Russell, he has no doubt that Nelson could've killed him. Sheidheda reveals to a shocked Nelson that he is not Russell Lightbourne and that he had killed Russell and taken over his body. Sheidheda offers to help Nelson get power, revealing that Wonkru is weak and the Eligius prisoners most likely have the guns. Sheidheda convinces Nelson to ally with himself to get power, stating that he has to first make allies with the prisoners "and then you take out the enemy's queen."

Due to the growing threat from the prisoners and the Dark Commander, Indra attempts to get Madi to be the Commander again, but she refuses out of fear. Indra reveals to John Murphy and Emori that Sheidheda is back and they need their Commander because Sangedakru will follow him and eventually the rest of Wonkru will fall into line. Murphy and Emori convince Indra to reunite Wonkru under her leadership instead to face the threats from the prisoners and the Dark Commander.

Murphy is sent to bring Sheidheda his food as Indra doesn't trust anyone else to not be corrupted by talking with the Dark Commander. Sheidheda dismisses Murphy as a mere servant boy and discovers a message from the Faithful in the cookie Murphy brought him stating "Unification Ceremony Today". Sheidheda eats the message and notes that Indra must trust him to send Murphy into the cell with him. Though Murphy states that no one trusts him, the Dark Commander knows that Indra must trust Murphy or she wouldn't have told Murphy who Sheidheda really is. Sheidheda knows that Murphy is scared, seeing through his lie that Murphy still believes him to be Russell. Sheidheda insists that Murphy doesn't need to fear him and states that being feared works better than being afraid of someone.

The Dark Commander invites Murphy to a game of chess, commenting that its nice to be able to talk to someone and not have to pretend to be Russell. Sheidheda states that he saved Murphy's life and the least he can do is indulge the Dark Commander in a game of chess. The Dark Commander offers to give Murphy what he wants most of all: a chance to be a hero. Sheidheda reminds Murphy of his heroic actions to save the child the Faithful wanted to burn and questions Murphy about being scared. Murphy finally asks how the Dark Commander can make him a hero, claiming not to care about that but knowing that Sheidheda must know something bad is going to happen to offer that. Sheidheda confirms that something bad is about to happen from Murphy and instructs him to make a move and states that people will die if Murphy loses. Murphy begins playing with the Dark Commander who comments on Murphy using the aggressive queen's gambit against him.

The two continue playing, bantering as they do with Sheidheda suggesting that as a god, Murphy could have any woman he wants and not just Emori. The Dark Commander suggests that Emori is liking being worshipped while Murphy taunts the Dark Commander about his own past and how Lexa is everyone's favorite, having united the clans. Sheidheda angrily states that he united the clans and the Flamekeepers had banded together to kill him as they were afraid of his ideas and they had killed Lexa for the same reason. The Dark Commander assures Murphy that he won't let that happen again and Murphy realizes that the Dark Commander wants to be back in power. Sheidheda simply taunts that Murphy realized what Indra already knew from the moment she realized he was alive again. Sheidheda defeats Murphy's queen's gambit and states that "there are leaders and there are followers. How you respond to the loss of your queen will tell me what you are." Murphy tells the Dark Commander that he is neither but a rebel, but Sheidheda questions Murphy's presence if that is true. Murphy tells him to just continue playing the game, but the Dark Commander states that chess is more than a game: its strategy and uncertainty governed by choices. When Murphy tries to threaten him, Sheidheda orders him to consider his words carefully, admitting that he likes Murphy, but a real survivor would carefully consider his words on the off chance that his enemy escapes and takes power. Sheidheda promises to tell Murphy what he is planning if Murphy wins the game and they continue their chess match.

As the match nears its end, both men admit that they are most dangerous when they are cornered before Sheidheda suddenly pulls back from a potential checkmate. Noticing this, Murphy realizes that the Dark Commander is only distracting him and Sheidheda explains that only Daniel's words hold water with the true fanatics, meaning that Emori's ceremony will fail without Murphy's help. Quickly overpowering Murphy, the Dark Commander holds a chess piece to his neck, threatening to kill him if Murphy makes a sound and declaring checkmate. As gunfire sounds, Sheidheda releases Murphy and states that he can call for help now. Murphy screams for help and armed guards rush in as a satisfied Sheidheda returns his king to the chessboard.

After taking thirty hostages, Nikki demands Murphy and Sheidheda be brought to them. Reluctantly, Murphy convinces Indra to seek the Dark Commander's help. Lying on his bed, Sheidheda mocks Indra's control over Sanctum, but she knows that he got what he wanted. Sheidheda simply suggests that Murphy go and play hero, but he states that they are both going. Sheidheda questions why he would, knowing that if everyone realizes the truth, they will tear him apart and if he survives that, they have no reason to keep him around. Indra suggests a slow death then and there if he doesn't help them, but Sheidheda states that he will need more. Indra promises to protect him from the Faithful which he agrees is a start and promises that he can have back his 10 minutes a day of guarded time outside. The two negotiate it to twenty minutes and the Dark Commander requests someone to play chess with as well, "someone who understands the complexities." Though he looks at Murphy, Murphy refuses to play with him again and Indra refuses to play games herself and to find him someone instead. Sheidheda agrees to the deal, but offers them a better plan and provides them with a map showing a tunnel under the palace leading into the Great Hall. The Dark Commander states that Alyssa can show them the way and that "I feel like this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship."

With four minutes to spare, Murphy and Sheidheda enter the Great Hall where Murphy lies that Raven took a group to the second compound site. With only a few minutes left, Murphy asks Sheidheda where the others are, but he simply states that he hopes Murphy has lots to say. Murphy and Emori reveal the truth about the Lee's being dead while the Dark Commander mockingly reveals the truth about Russell's death to the gathered crowd. As Nikki prepared to kill Emori, Murphy spoke up, stating that it was his idea to use the prisoners, not Raven's. As Murphy attempts to talk Nikki down, Indra and Wonkru invade, killing two of the Children of Gabriel and one prisoner before the rest surrender. Pleased, Sheidheda states that it went according to plan and Indra agrees that it has "so far."

Return to Power

In the aftermath, Alyssa questions why everyone is telling lies about him, but Sheidheda states that the others don't have the strength of her faith. Alyssa slips the Dark Commander the key to his shackles as he thanks her for leading Indra there. As Zev angrily turns on Sheidheda and Alyssa and Indra locks the door, the Dark Commander removes his sling and shackles. Taking a candlestick, Sheidheda blows out and removes the candles, mocking how lost everyone is without their leaders. Sheidheda begins mercilessly slaughtering everyone inside of the Great Hall which Indra mistakes for them killing him. Murphy quickly realizes the truth and while demanding entry, reveals the Dark Commander's true identity to Penn, Knight and the Wonkru guards. Finishing his slaughter, Sheidheda orders the door opened in Trig. The guards, Murphy and Emori discover Sheidheda standing over his slaughtered victims and the Dark Commander declares in Trig that "my fight is just beginning." Immediately, Knight and one other Wonkru guard kneel before him while Penn, another guard, Murphy and Emori remain standing.

Murphy, Emori, Indra and the faithful members of Wonkru deal with the aftermath of Sheidheda's massacre, they find the Dark Commander gone, having escaped through the secret tunnel. Knight has gone with him and Indra knows that Sangedakru will follow Sheidheda as he is one of their own and the other clans will eventually follow with more convincing as there is no alternative. Murphy, Emori and Indra realize that the Dark Commander will go after Madi, the only other alternative and rush off to get to her before Sheidheda.

Sheidheda enters the tavern where Madi is located. Several Sanctummites flee at the sight of him while Picasso growls at the Dark Commander. Sheidheda greets Madi is Trig and Madi is surprised that "Russell" speaks the language. The Dark Commander reveals that Russell is dead and that he killed Russell in the Mindspace, commenting "good thing I didn't kill you in yours." To her horror, Madi realizes that it is Sheidheda before her. Armed with a knife, the Dark Commander monologues to Madi about the quandary he is in due to Indra's influence over the remaining Grounders and Madi's lingering influence over them as a former Commander. Sheidheda demands that Madi kneel before him, threatening to cut out the hearts of everyone she loves otherwise and feed them to Picasso. Terrified, Madi complies, pleasing the Dark Commander who leaves the tavern.

Later, Sheidheda makes an announcement in Trig from the palace revealing his resurrection and Indra's lies about there being no more Commanders. Indra and Penn are unable to find Sheidheda, but hear him listing the lineage of the Commanders as he prepares to resume leadership of the Grounders. Now with a partially-shaved head and an outfit resembling the one he wore in his original body, vows to protect his people and demands that they prove that they are his people by kneeling before him. Indra interrupts, angrily stating that they will never bow before the Dark Commander. Indra challenges Sheidheda to single combat for leadership of Wonkru which the Dark Commander, pleased, accepts.

The next morning, Indra and Sheidheda, both armed with swords, engage in combat, the Dark Commander taunting Indra over giving him the chance to lead his people back to the old ways -- his ways. Indra manages to knock Sheidheda's sword into the pond, but he also disarms her. Grabbing a blade from a nearby man, Indra continues the fight through the nearby area and stabs the Dark Commander in the chest with a knife. However, he removes the knife and knocks Indra to the ground with a sword slash that leaves her seriously wounded. Indra refuses to surrender and allow the Dark Commander to take her people so he prepares to kill her.

Before Sheidheda can kill Indra, Madi leaps in and slashes him in face with knife, taking out Sheidheda's right eye. In severe pain, the Dark Commander knocks Madi to the ground and prepares to kill her, but Indra offers to kneel before him if Sheidheda spares Madi's life. Sheidheda accepts the deal and Indra kneels as Sheidheda announces himself as the Commander and threatens to kill anyone who resists while Knight ties a bandana around his lost eye. With Indra nodding at them in agreement, all of Wonkru, even Indra's loyalists, bow before the Dark Commander as their new leader while Indra passes out from her injuries.

Turning his attention back to Madi, Sheidheda finds her gone and orders Knight to find and kill her. Sheidheda leads half of his people to finish off the remaining Sanctummites, but finds them gone with only the dead left behind. Enraged, Sheidheda orders Knight to find out the names of the dead and then kill everyone in their families. Knight is shocked that Sheidheda wants the children dead too, but he justifies it as the children will grow up to get revenge if they are allowed to live. Knight reluctantly agrees and Sheidheda orders him to report back when its done. Looking at himself in a reflective piece of metal, the Dark Commander removes the bandana covering his missing eye.

Dark Commander holds court in the Great Hall. Murphy and Emori agree to kneel before him, but Sheidheda evicts them from the palace. Emori requests that they be allowed to live in the machine shop instead with Murphy justifying it as Emori being needed to maintain the reactor and the Dark Commander not leaving his favorite chess partner to sleep in a tent. Amused, Sheidheda agrees with the request. Next, the Eligius prisoners and the Children of Gabriel enter and Sheidheda demands that they all kneel or die. Nikki and prisoners comply, but Nelson and the Children of Gabriel refuse. Taking an assault rifle, the Dark Commander kills all of the Children of Gabriel members aside from Nelson who continues to refuse to kneel. Sheidheda shoots Nelson in the head, killing him.

Later, Knight approaches Sheidheda as the bodies are removed to report that everyone else has agreed to kneel. However, Sheidheda knows that Knight really means everyone he can find and orders him to continue to search for Madi and the others, knowing that while they are currently hiding, they will want revenge and they can't have that. The Dark Commander pointedly addresses Indra, knowing that she is listening in and asks about Gaia. Knight states that Gaia is amongst the missing and they believe that she is in the woods with a group led by Clarke who are "armed and extremely dangerous." Knight reports that there was no sign of them and hands Sheidheda Madi's sketchbook which is open to a page depicting the Anomaly Stone. The Dark Commander recognizes it from when he had the Flame. Indra reminds Sheidheda of their deal to spare Madi in exchange for Indra kneeling to him, but the Dark Commander states that the deal was from before she went into hiding with his enemies. Indra insists that she is neither Sheidheda's enemy nor does she know where Madi is. Sheidheda orders Indra to have Trikru clean up the mess and calls Nikki over.

As Indra cleans up some of the blood from the massacre, Sheidheda stops her, telling Indra to let someone else do it. Indra simply states that he ordered Trikru to clean up the blood and she is Trikru. The Dark Commander orders her to clean herself up when she's done as the festivities are about to begin. Knight unveils a throne made out of bones for Sheidheda which he is greatly pleased with and immediately sits in. Knight has Wonkru carry in the Anomaly Stone which they have located and then reveals that Nikki, who Sheidheda had follow Indra, has gone missing but Knight took it upon himself to have Nikki followed.

Along with Knight, Indra and several members of WonkruSheidheda makes his way to the machine shop where he is spotted by Murphy and Emori on the security camera. Murphy tries to pretend that he thinks the Dark Commander is Emori returning after an argument, but Sheidheda doesn't buy it and walks in while Indra informs Murphy that he already knows the truth which Murphy had already guessed. Murphy refuses Sheidheda's demand to open the reactor door, causing the Dark Commander to admit that he likes Murphy and will spare both him and Emori if Murphy opens the door. Murphy is angered when Sheidheda insultingly calls Emori frikdrena before Emori interrupts over the intercom, addressing the Dark Commander as "cyclops." Emori threatens to blow the reactor if Sheidheda harms Murphy or tries to enter the reactor room. Though Knight claims that Emori is bluffing, Murphy reminds the Dark Commander that everyone inside knows that they are dead the second they let him in meaning that they have nothing to lose. "I believe in chess that's called stalemate," Murphy quips. Stating that the game is not over yet, Sheidheda takes Murphy captive and orders Knight to wait the people out and kill them all when the door opens.

Sitting on his throne, Sheidheda plays a game of chess with a bound Murphy when the Temporal Anomaly opens and a group emerges from it including Clarke, Raven, Bellamy Blake, Gabriel Santiago and Bill Cadogan. Looking at the one-eyed Sheidheda in charge and the aftermath of his carnage, Clarke wonders what has happened in her absence.

Arrival of the Disciples

Gabriel approaches Sheidheda, asking "Russell" what is going on. The Dark Commander demands to know who Gabriel is and Clarke quickly realizes that he isn't Russell. Otis announces Sheidheda's identity and demands that they bow before him while Raven comments that they seem to have found Sheidheda's code. The Dark Commander demands that they kneel or die, but Cadogan states that he has neither the time or patience and has some cloaked Disciples kill the armed members of Wonkru surrounding the Dark Commander.

As Clarke's group discusses things, Sheidheda charges Cadogan but is stabbed in the abdomen by a cloaked Disciple. Cadogan tells the Dark Commander that his wound is deep, but Cadogan has no intention of removing the Dark Commander from his throne. Cadogan offers a trade: Sheidheda gives him safe passage to get what Cadogan came for and Cadogan will get Gabriel to treat him. Once they are gone, the Dark Commander is free to continue with "the debasement of our species" until Cadogan completes his quest to transcend humanity. With the only other choice death, the Dark Commander reluctantly agrees. As Cadogan's group makes their way through Sanctum, Sheidheda makes a broadcast ordering his people to let them pass freely.

Sheidheda and Indra are tied to a pillar together while Gabriel treats his wounds. Gabriel warns the Dark Commander that if the blade hit his kidney, there's not much that Gabriel can do for him and he doubts that the Disciples will take Sheidheda back to Bardo for treatment. Indra is pleased, commenting that its time that they let the Dark Commander find out what death is like for a second time. The Dark Commander jokes that Indra will miss him when he's gone and reassures Gabriel that Russell's death was quick. After seeing a hallucination of Josephine Lightbourne, Gabriel realizes that a Red Sun eclipse is beginning and warns that they will need the anti-toxin, explaining how it works to Sheidheda. When the Dark Commander questions how he can be sure, Gabriel tells the Dark Commander that he is already feeling the effects.

Tied together, Indra and Sheidheda witness the Disciples guarding them suffer from the effects of the Red Sun toxin while Indra hallucinates her mother kneeling before the Dark Commander years before. Speaking in Trig, the Dark Commander warns Indra, who is cutting through the rope binding her, that it won't go well for them if she doesn't get them free and that "my enemy's enemy is my friend." Indra warns him that once she kills the Disciples, she intends to kill him too. As Indra continues to try to free herself, Sheidheda tells her that every time he'd take a Trikru prisoner, they'd die trying to escape and that one would think that they would get better at it.

As the Disciples arguing gets worse, the Dark Commander urges Indra to hurry. One Disciple snaps and kills another and Indra orders Sheidheda to buy her some time. The Dark Commander draws the Disciple's attention by taunting him, giving Indra enough time to break free. Indra manages to kill three of the four, but one cloaks before she can kill him. As Indra grabs a sword, the Dark Commander notices the footprints of the last Disciple in the pools of blood on the ground and shouts a warning as the Disciple sneaks up behind Indra. Thanks to his warning, Indra is able to decapitate the Disciple.

As Indra comes down from the fight, she hallucinates her mother kneeling before Sheidheda again in exchange for the Dark Commander sparing her daughter and the Dark Commander taunting Indra's mother over breaking. Taking the anti-toxin from Jackson, Indra turns on Sheidheda who points out that he saved her life and that it must be worth something. Stating that it is, Indra swings her sword at the Dark Commander's head, but stops inches from his face. Indra announces that she doesn't need to kill him as Sheidheda is already dead and cuts his face. Indra orders that the Dark Commander's wound is not to be treated which both Jackson and Gabriel agree to without hesitation. In Trig, Indra informs Sheidheda that "your fight is over."

From his position tied up, Sheidheda watches the confrontation between Clarke and friends and the Disciples that ends with the Flame permanantly destroyed and most everybody leaving to rescue their friends. Before Clarke can leave through the Anomaly, the Dark Commander weakly tells Bellamy that he can help Bellamy if Bellamy helps him. Sheidheda directs Bellamy to Madi's sketchbook on his throne containing Madi's drawings of the memories she has been experiencing from the other Commanders.

Stopping Transcendence

Sheidheda awakens strapped to a chair on Bardo and hooked up to an IV drip. Cadgoan, going through Madi's sketchbook, comments that the Dark Commander is lucky that the Disciples brought him to Bardo or Sheidheda would be dead. Cadgoan asks about Madi's sketches and Sheidheda admits that while he didn't draw them, he knows who did. Though Cadogan can dig through the Dark Commander's memories, he asks what he wants instead. Sheidheda wants assurances that Sanctum is his, they can destroy the Stone and the Disciples will never come back. Cadogan states that the Anomaly Stones are indestructible, but he can have Sanctum.

Cadogan doubts that the Dark Commander comprehends what the sketches mean, but he knows that it means that someone has memories not their own, memories that Cadogan requires to start the Last War, a war that Sheidheda wants no part of. Cadgoan states that Sheidheda will be a part of it whether he wants to or not because if they win, then they will transcend beyond their mortal forms. However, the Dark Commander enjoys his new body and Cadogan tells him that he will transcend whether or not he joins the fight. Sheidheda asks if they have a deal, but Cadogan calls him a fool, telling the Dark Commander that if they lose, it won't matter if he fights or not or which planet he is on as every human will die. Sheidheda reveals that Madi has the memories and Cadogan realizes that Bellamy knew and that was why Clarke killed him.

Sheidheda warns that Clarke will never let Cadogan take her child and that Cadogan's strike team could get the child killed. Sheidheda suggests that Cadogan send him instead, stating that he'd wanted no part of the fight before he'd know what was at stake: "transcend or die." The Dark Commander has been in Madi's head and feels that he knows her better than Madi knows herself while the strike team won't know Madi at all. Sheidheda promises to get Madi back, but their deal must still stand after that. Cadogan releases the Dark Commander in agreement and orders him taken to the Anomaly.

Dressed in Disciple armor and cloaked, Sheidheda emerges from the Anomaly in the Second Dawn Bunker on Earth. Though faced with Indra, Gaia and Octavia who can't see him, the Dark Commander chooses not to attack and instead to follow Octavia and then Octavia and Clarke in order to find Madi. After following the two to where Hope, Jordan, Murphy and Emori are gathered in a worshop, Sheidheda learns that Madi is in the rec room. Pleased, he shoves Octavia into the workshop and locks the group in.

As Madi and Gabriel play the piano in the rec room, Sheidheda stabs Gabriel through the back and confronts Madi. Preventing Madi's escape through a vent, Sheidheda reveals himself, telling the girl that she is the key to the transcendence of the human race and that he has been sent to bring her back though Sheidheda wants to reign, not to transcend. The Dark Commander reveals nanotracking pills he can use to bring her back peacefully, or a blade to stab her with to bring her back by force if she refuses. Drawing his suit's blade instead, Sheidheda states that he prefers to gut Madi like a pig instead. Before he can, Gabriel tackles the Dark Commander off of Madi and orders her to get help from Indra. Sheidheda stabs Gabriel several times before leaving him to die and chasing after Madi.

Sheidheda chases Madi to the bunker's fighting pit where he faces off with Indra and Gaia together. Together, Indra and Gaia manage to take down the Dark Commander and Indra goes to impale him with a sword, declaring that his fight is over in Trig. Responding "not today,"Sheidheda stabs himself with the blade containing the tracking device which he then drops. The Dark Commander vanishes through the Anomaly just before Indra can kill him.

In the aftermath of Sheidheda's attack, Gabriel dies of his wounds after refusing medical treatment. Knowing from the Dark Commander that the Disciples will keep coming for her and unwilling to risk the people that she cares about, Madi uses the blade he left behind to transport herself to Bardo.

After his return to Bardo, the Dark Commander is locked up in a cell next to Clarke and Octavia where he hums the Grounder Anthem nonstop. Clarke and Octavia are eventually rescued by Levitt and decide to release Sheidheda as a distraction. Although the Dark Commander is less than pleased to be used in such a way, he agrees since his only other option is to remain locked up. Sheidheda single-handedly slaughters about a dozen Disciples, but vanishes afterwards.

Final Death

During the final confrontation between Wonkru, the Eligius Prisoners and the Disciples, Sheidheda fires upon the Disciples to provoke a battle and shoots Levitt when he tries to talk the two sides down. Sheidheda prepares to lead a charge upon the Disciples' position, but is confronted by Indra armed with a sonic cannon. Declaring "for my mother," Indra blasts Sheidheda with the cannon, blowing the Dark Commander up and finally killing him. With Russell's Mind Drive removed and the Flame destroyed, Sheidheda's consciousness is left with nowhere to escape to and it dies with Russell's body, bringing a final end to the life and tyranny of the Dark Commander. The shock caused by Sheidheda's death brings the fighting to a standstill, allowing Octavia to talk both sides down from further conflict.



  • The Faithful - Thralls                                               
    • Trey (formerly)
    • Alyssa (formerly and victim)
    • Zev (formerly and victim)
    • Tobin (deceased)
    • Jeremiah (formerly)
    • Unnamed other devotes (formerly and victims)
  • Jordan Green - Pawn (formerly)
  • Bill Cadogan (formerly)


  • Wonkru
    • Clarke Griffin - Briefly allied with against the Disciples
    • Raven Reyes
    • John Murphy
    • Madi Griffin - Former Minion
    • Indra - Mortal Enemy and Killer
    • Gaia
    • Niylah
    • Nathan Miller
    • Eric Jackson
    • Emori
  • Russell Lightbourne - Victim and current host
  • Families who defied him in past - Victims
  • His first three Flamekeepers - Victims
  • His fourth Flamekeeper - Killer in his first body
  • Children of Gabriel (victims)
    • Nelson
    • Luca (survived his murder attempt)
  • Gabriel Santiago (victim)
  • Bill Cadogan



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