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The Shen Minosaur is a shen-themed Minosaur created by the Druidon Tribe from the negative emotions of Masaaki Shiina, based on his regrets of giving up his dreams of being a film director to live up to his father's expectations as a firefighter and is the main antagonist of episodes 11 and 12 of 2019 TV series called Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger.


The Shen Minosaur was created from the negative emotions of Masaaki Shiina, based on his regret over abandoning his dream of becoming a film director and follow in his father's footsteps by becoming a firefighter.

In order to force the Kishiryu Dimevolcano to side with the Druidons, Wizeru abducted a child the Kishiryu had befriended and tasked the Shen Minosaur with guarding it. However, the Ryusoulgers were able to track down their location, defeat the Minosaur and rescue the child.

Later, after the Shen Minosaur grew giant, Wizeru had it create an illusion of a female Kishiryu resembling Dimevolcano in order to make Dimevolcano fall in love with the illusion and side with the Druidons. However, the Ryusoulgers use their Ryusouls to blow the illusion away. Ryusoul Red then summons Kishiryu Oh to fight the Minosaur, but the Minosaur cloaks itself in illusions of Koh's friends and causes Koh to not be able to bring himself to attack it. However, after the illusion shifts to Melt, Koh finally musters up the courage to attack it and destroys the Minosaur.


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