Shep Wild is a former minor antagonist in Ted 2, who was hired, and bribed by both Donny and the Hasbro toy company CEO, Tom Jessup to ensure that the title character, Ted loses his court case, and that he retains his status as property.


Not much is known about Shep Wild, except he is one of the world's best lawyers who never lost a case in his life, which is what lead to Donny to convince his boss, the CEO of Hasbro to bribe him and get him into court, and to have him ensure that Ted loses the case, and that Ted retains his status as property, just so Donny can capture Ted, and find out how to make more live teddy bears like him, while helping Hasbro make a lot of money.

The plan succeeded, and Shep was able to convince the jury, the judge, and the media that Ted is not a person with no human like emotions. Because of this, Shep wins the case.

However, Shep is seen again at the end of the film in another court, where he loses the case against Ted's new lawyer, the powerful civil rights attorney Patrick Meighan, who explains that Ted has showed empathy and emotion, and has inspired enough power in another human being to sacrifice his life for him, referring to John Bennet's behavior in jumping in front of a Starfleet Enterprise replica that was about to hit Ted. Therefore, Shep redeemed himself and willingly accepted the outcome of Ted's personhood case.


  • He is played by John Slattery who is best known for playing Roger Sterling in the AMC drama Series Mad Men, and Howard Stark in Iron Man 2.
  • He is also played Mayor Larry Box on The Cleveland Show, another Seth MacFarlane show.