Shepherd is a member of the Hunters, an elite group of Skull-Hunters and agents of the Invasion Force, making them the current main antagonists of the Extinctioners comic and its associated media - like all members of the group his goal is to "reclaim" the planet Alden for the human race and enslave or kill any of the planet's current anthropomorphic inhabitants under the guidance of the elder Noah Adam Mahn.

Due to the relative mystery surrounding humans and how their society works following the creation of Alden it is still not fully known if the Invasion Force are working as part of a larger unified front or if they are a rogue element, regardless of the ultimate outcome the Hunters themselves are dangerous slavedrivers and have little remorse in murdering entire families in order to ensure victory - employing willing Alden criminals, slaves and the omega Hunter androids, which can massacre entire communities with ease.

he is last seen in Issue 19 conspiring with the rest of the Hunters to capture the escaped former-Invasion bio-weapon, Warfare, who has taken refuge with other escaped prisoners of the Invaders under the care of the fire-elemental known as Phenix - hinting at the beginnings of the inevitable war between Alden and the Invasion Force (of whom the Hunters would be among the front line).

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