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Sherriff Avery Wallace is the secondary antagonist in the 1982 comedy film Porky's.

He was portrayed by the late Alex Karras.


Sheriff Avery Wallace is the fraternal twin brother of Amos "Porky" Wallace, who is the owner of a nightclub called "Porky's" in the Everglades in Florida in 1954. Porky runs the place not just as a bar, but also a brothel which he has some Cuban hookers there. Sheriff Wallace, which he has a small station house called "Wallacetown". Porky has an encounter with some high school students from Angel Beach High School, some of those students are Edward "Pee-Wee" Morris, Meat a.k.a. Anthony Tuperello, Tim Cavanaugh, Tommy Turner, and Mickey Jarvis. The guys wanted to get laid and paid the money to the bartender and Porky sends them to a dark room and tells the boys in the room where they will find a door which is the back way to Porky's Pen. The boys do not find a door, Porky asks them if they are ready and Porky pulls a lever causing them to fall into the water.

Mickey and the boys go back in the club and Mickey tells Porky he wants a piece of him and they step outside and Porky pushes the boys into the water. Sheriff Wallace arrives with his deputies arrive and he defends Porky and asks Mickey where is vehicle is and does some damage to Mickey's truck and fines him money. Pee-Wee, Tommy, Cavanaugh, and Mickey give Sheriff Wallace all their money and lets them go.

Porky later on gets some visits from Mickey, who is really pissed off at Porky and tries to fight Porky, but Porky ends up wounding Mickey really bad and later on makes Mickey's brother, Officer Ted Jarvis, want to get even with Porky. Ted, with the help of Pee-Wee Morris, Billy McCarty, Tommy Turner, Brian Schwartz, Meat, and their coach, Roy Brackett, as Roy got a head wound from Porky back 6 years ago in 1948 and wanted to get even with Porky for that. Roy sabotages Sheriff Wallace's police cars. The boys cause Porky's nightclub to be torn down by using boats to pull the supports of the building. Porky, now without his nightclub is now pissed and wants to kill them. Chasing them in his car which he calls the "pigmobile" along with his brother Sheriff Wallace.

After crossing the county line into Seward County, Ted Jarvis is waiting for them, with a big reception from the other students of Angel Beach. Porky, along with his brother, tell Ted what happened and Porky realises that Ted is Mickey's brother. Ted tells them that they are in his county and Ted shoots up Porky's vehicle tells them that he will let them off on a promise that they will forget everything that happened, with Porky and his brother reluctantly agreeing.

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