Sheriff Nichols is the main antagonist in the Family Guy episode, "Cool Hand Peter". He is a corrupt sheriff from Georgia.


He first appeared when Peter, Joe, Quagmire and Cleveland were going on a road trip and had them pulled over. Show his ugly side, Nichols harassed them by knocking out one of the headlights and turn signals, threw away Joe's police badge (since Joe is a Quahog policeman), and stashed weed in the trunk of their car to make it look like they were drug dealers. As a result of this, they ended up having to serve two weeks in a Georgia penitentiary. When the two weeks are about to be up, the gang soon learns that the warden (voiced by Bob Gunton as a reference to his role as Samuel Norton in The Shawshank Redemption) attempts to make the group spend life in prison, regardless of what the court would say. The group break from the prison to get back to Quahog, and Sheriff Nichols is assigned by the warden to lead a manhunt, though the group escape by stowing away in a train heading for Quahog. Though it may seem that the group are finally safe, they are shocked to find Nichols and his men arriving at Quahog and preparing to take them back. However, Joe calls in the Quahog Police Department, stating that Nichols and his men don't have any jurisdiction to arrest him and his friends. Because of this, Nichols and his men are forced to surrender. Joe then responds by breaking the headlight and windshield of Nichols' car and giving Nichols a flesh wound on his knee as retribution against Nichols' behavior towards the gang. Joe then gives a speech to Nichols that just because he has a badge to serve for law and order doesn't mean that he can treat anyone the way he likes, and a true law professional has to be more ethically upstanding than the average man, not less. As such, Joe angrily orders Nichols and his men to leave Quahog and never return. Upset to see that they have lost, an unhappy Nichols and his men leave away from Quahog in their cars, never to be seen again.

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