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Sheriff Sabin.

Sheriff Sabin is the secondary antagonist in Shark Night.

He was portrayed by Donal Logue.


Sheriff Sabin first appears when Sara is driving a boat and meets her friends. The sheriff grabs a beer, drinks it, tells the group to be safe and have fun, and leaves.

He later appears talking to Sara and Nick when he saw the dead hammerhead shark on the beach. He seemingly calls for help and gave Nick some soup to calm his nerves, and afterwards, he passes out. While Sara tends to him, she overhears Red talking through Sabin's walkie-talkie and realizes her friends are dead and Sabin knew this. She tries to sneak up behind him and stab him with a knife from the kitchen when Dennis Crim subdues her. Sara tries to run, but Crim shoots her with a tranquilizer dart while Sabin mocks, "Why'd you run, Sara? You should've had the soup!". He then turns to Crim and says "Good shooting, partner.", confirming that Sabin was in on this all along.

Later, Sabin took Nick to a cottage where a tiger shark was swimming in a pool under it. He ties Nick up in a chair and suspends him over the pool. When asked why was he was doing this, Sabin basically said that he was tired of being a lowly-class sheriff and nobody was treating him with respect he should've gotten, despite Nick, Sara, and their friends respected him from the beginning. Sabin also stated that Crim and his friend, and he and Red were putting sharks in the lake and filming them killing people to become rich for the footage.

Just as Sabin was lowering Nick into the water, Nick requested to play a song by Guns & Roses. Sabin obliges, and starts to play a song. While he had his back turned, Nick freed himself little by little and managed to get a lighter from his pocket. He threw the lighter at Sabin and got lit on fire, causing him to screame and fall into the pool where the tiger shark was still swimming around in. Nick freed himself and closed the clear, glassed door over the pool. Sabin begged him to help him out, but Nick refused and watched on as the tiger shark killed him. Afterwards, Nick left the cottage to save Sara.

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