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Sheriff Storch is the main antagonist of the 2010 remake of I Spit on Your Grave.


Sheriff Storch is the corrupt sheriff in the area where Jennifer Hills rents a cabin. After she is assaulted by Johnny, Matthew, Stanley, and Andy, she runs to Storch for help. Storch however turns out to personally know the men who raped her, and be just as bad as them. After Jennifer takes Storch back to her cabin, he reveals that he knows the men and shows his true colors by sexually assaulting her himself. When the four men return, the five of them all rape her together before attempting to murder her. Jennifer manages to escape however, so Storch orders the other men to start looking for her. He also murders Earl, the man who rented the cabin to Jennifer, to eliminate him as a potential witness.

After murdering Johnny, Andy, and Stanley, and kidnapping Matthew, Jennifer kidnaps Storch's daughter Chastity and uses her as a hostage to lure Storch in. She proceeds to torture him before killing him and Matthew.


Storch was far more evil than any of the other rapists, as he took the most pleasure out of the rape. He also treated his accomplices horribly, yelling at and threatening them. He made it clear he had no qualms against killing them to cover himself. He was much more violent and ill tempered than the others, not to mention foul mouthed. He was also far smarter and more pragmatic, destroying Stanley's video recording of the events since it served as potential evidence. He had very little in the way of morals, as he was a rapist and a murderer and betrayed his badge by committing crimes himself instead of helping others. He also felt no remorse for any of his actions.

Shockingly, despite all of his evilness, Storch did have a redeeming quality in that he genuinely loved his family and tried to rescue his daughter.


  • Storch did not exist in the original and was created for the remake.
  • Storch's creation for the remake corrects an error present in the tagline for the original film, where it is stated that Jennifer kills 5 men, even though she only killed 4 in the original.


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