YOU'LL pay for this!
~ The Sheriff of Rottingham

Mervyn (also known as Sheriff of Rottingham) is the secondary antagonist of the comedy film "Robin Hood: Men In Tights" which was notable for being one of a relatively small number of films to take the traditional tale of Robin Hood and turn it into an off-the-wall slapstick-style farce.

Due to the comedic nature of the film, the Sheriff of Rottingham may not be the most terrible incarnation of Robin Hood's infamous archenemy, but he is undeniably evil, arrogant, and relentless, being an especially undemocratic, authoritative, power-hungry, and tyrannical figure. The Sheriff of Rottingham is show to have a strange speaking problem, in which he will randomly make rambling, incoherent sentences by ether mispronouncing words or completely mangling the placement of the words in a sentence. Rottingham is shown, or at least implied, to have very little/no combat skills what so ever, always cowardly backing out of fights, accidentally breaking his own sword when drawing it and when he actually did fight Robin Hood, he stood absolutely no chance and relied on swinging randomly. This is most likely because, as stated by Robin himself, his father got him the job as sheriff, ether that, or he was just joking.

At the end of the film, Robin Hood accidentally impales him with his sword, but Latrine, the castle cook who is often mistaken for a witch, gives him a magic pill that saves him, but then he is forced to become her husband, much to his horror.