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Sheryl Goodspeed is the main antagonist of season 2 of the science fantasy animated series Final Space. She is the wife of John Goodspeed and the mother of Gary.

She is voiced by Claudia Black.


She once worked for an organization that was in conflict with the Infinity Guard. Being hired to infiltrate the Infinity Guard to harness their secrets, Sheryl meets and woos Gary's father John Goodspeed. However, over the months, the two genuinely seem to fall for each other climaxing in the birth of their son. Unfortunately for her, John discovered her true motivations and tosses her out after she yelled at their baby son. Sometime afterwards, John sacrifices himself to seal the breach to Final Space. From there, Sheryl became resentful of her son, and eventually closed herself off from loving anyone, abandoning a young Gary.

From there, Sheryl became a wanted criminal who was sentenced to be executed. She reunites with Gary after he decided to save her from death, and she effortlessly amazes the rest of the Crimson Light. After assisting his mother in one of her heists to retrieve an old "family heirloom." The heist nearly kills Gary and Clarence by the high-tech security system, but they narrowly escape from getting eaten by a worm. Once she gets what she wanted, she leaves her son and the Crimson Light at night.

In "The Lost Spy," Todd sends his henchmen to capture her as part of his plan on getting revenge on Gary. After killing several of his henchmen, Sheryl grew bored of it and voluntarily went to him. Entering her memories, Todd observes her life with John and offers a partnership where he would help her collect the dimensional keys in return for assisting him in getting payback. She agrees to the deal, ending the episode.

"The Set Up" reveals that she was still in contact with Clarence who, after feeling underappreciated and unloved, agrees to go with Sheryl's plan and betrays the Crimson Light and nearly kills his adoptive son Fox. He then steals the dimensional keys and deactivates AVA. Clarence successfully gives the two dimensional keys to Sheryl, fully expecting her to choose him. Instead, she pokes fun at him, pointing out how he willingly gave up everything and that they were nowhere close to being the same. The episode also reveals that Sheryl was working for presumably a Titan named Oreskis who claims that he would allow her to see her husband again once the dimensional keys are all found.


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