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The Shield Monster is a minor antagonist in the third season of the Malaysian animated TV series BoBoiBoy and the main antagonist of Saving Planet Earth trilogy. It is a monster that came from space who can create shields from rubbish.


The shield monster came to the Earth in asteroid form. He landed in front of Rintis Island Primary School. Then, BoBoiBoy and his friends encountered him and asked what did he want. Then he said that he wanted to attack BoBoiBoy and his friends. Then, he transformed and attacked them.

He attacked BoBoiBoy and his friends; everything looked right to the monster until the metal shield was changed into food. Then, he made new shield by attracting nearby garbages and unused things and combining them to form his shield. Looking at this, Yaya, Ying, and Gopal with the help of other citizens cleaned the surroundings to avoid the monster to creating his shield while BoBoiBoy and Fang fought against the monster. Adu Du and Probe came as the Supervillain Jero Jero and helped the monster. But, when the surrounding was clean, and the rubbish were recycled, the monster no longer can form its shield and lost to BoBoiBoy and his friends.

Shield monster was scheduled to appear in the show of Earth Day Carnival in Rintis Island Primary School at 10 am. But, Adu Du and Probe came behind the stage to search for the monster and release him. Then, they hid in the Earth mascot, but Iwan used his hailer to call BoBoiBoy, and the mascot fell. Then, the visitors were shocked to see them, and they started to feel afraid. Adu Du asked the monster to attack BoBoiBoy, but he said that his contract with his boss expired the day before, so he didn't need to attack BoBoiBoy again. Adu Du and Probe then attacked them and ran together.

In front of Cube Fortress, Adu Du has built a rocket platform to help the monster to go back to space. The monster said thank you and revealed that his task was only for collecting the information about BoBoiBoy and his friends. Probe asked who his boss was; then the monster told that Ejo Jo was his boss and immediately departed from the platform. Adu Du and Probe were very shocked, and they realized that Ejo Jo is coming.


  • He was sent by Ejo Jo, as revealed in Season 3, Episode 22.
  • He uses "bro" in almost every sentence he speaks.
  • Adu Du and Probe helped the Shield Monster because they help him do evil, but they didn't know that Ejo Jo was his boss.
  • He had a Texan accent.
  • He wanted to attack BoBoiBoy and his gang only when on Ejo Jo's contract.


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