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I sure as hell don't want to go back into the water anytime soon
~ Sebastian's reaction to the Shigyo

Shigyo is a monster encountered in Chapter 11: Reunion. It lurks in murky water and pulls down to their deaths whoever it encounters.


In Japanese, Shigyo roughly translates to "dead fish". This monster is representative to an individual who drowned within a STEM terminal (and according to a book this was a mother who was unhappy with her teeth, hence the braces).

The Shigyo is an instant-kill creature that is most powerful in water. There is no way to defeat is and this makes it the only one of Ruvik's creatures to survive the events of the game. The only way to survive is by distracting it with other corpses and swimming away from it as fast as possible.


When Sebastian wakes up in Krimson City, heavy earthquakes have destroyed most of the buildings and presumably the water main system underground which explains why he encounters a large river of water which inhabits the Shigyo. There are also several corpses hanging over the water, implying other inhabitants know about the Shigyo and try to appease it. Sebastian uses these corpses as a distraction to avoid the creature as he swims away, escaping from the sea creature for the time being.

However, when Sebastian notices Kidman trapped by Haunted on a fire exit, the Shigyo returns but Sebastian is able to use an opening door and strategically placed cars in the water to escape it. The Shigyo is not seen again.