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Shikaba is a minor anime-exclusive villain in Fist of the North Star.

Under orders from Yuda and Komaku, Shikaba is told to kidnap Mamiya while their fellow henchman Gauguin is fighting Kenshiro. When they find her, Mamiya is able to take out two of the goons, but Shikaba stops her yoyos and kidnaps her. While the henchman is telling Mamiya that Yuda is calling her, the woman warrior to cry out to Rei who is running out of time.

As Shikaba and the rest of the UD gang prepare to leave their prisoner, the former sees many of his fellow goons dying in bloodied explosions. It is Kenshiro's work who orders Shikaba to release Mamiya, but the bearded henchman sends three more of his henchmen at the Man with Seven Scars.

When those henchmen are killed, Shikaba threatens to kill Mamiya with a knife if he is not given safe passage out of the village. And if Yuda learns Shikaba failed, he would execute him. Kenshiro simply assures the minion that death is awaiting them. Soon enough, Rei breaks through the wall, shocking Shikaba.

Desperate, Shikaba and his remaining henchman release Mamiya to charge at the Nanto Suicho Ken user, but are cut to pieces by Rei's revitalized power.


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