Shikata is the main antagonist of the Spider-Man: The New Animated Series episode "Sword of Shikata". She is a mysterious swordswoman hired by the cruel businessman Richard Damien to kidnap Spider-Man for him. Despite her profession, she has honor and will not break her code for any reason but is ruthless as they come.


Shikata is assigned to capture Spider-Man, but gains too much respect for him during their first fight. Feeling as if kidnapping the web-slinger for a wealthy businessman, Richard Damien, would be dishonorable, she would go against the man's demands and instead seek a fight to the death with Spider-Man.

As a person of honor, she would return Damien's payment and cancel the deal, and Damien, fearing reprisal from the law would order his thugs to silence her through murder. She manages to kill most of the gangsters but is nearly killed until Spider-Man arrives to save her.

Mary Jane, having a previous appointment with the man on an unrelated matter, stumbles across the dead body and witnesses Shikata performing a de-aging ritual with her sword.

She attracts Spider-Man's attention to get a fight on the streets of NYC. During this skirmish she initially relies on her sword and fighting skills and is subdued. She breaks out using telekinesis and her henchman holds MJ hostage but breaks her grip on her as it would be dishonorable . He purposefully takes a hit to the shoulder to disarm her.

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