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Shin Tar Guar

Shin Tar Guar is a villain in the video game Spellforce: The Order of Dawn.



Shin Tar Guar was Greyfell's last witcher, long before the time of the Circle. In his greed for power, he slaughtered his three own sons and sacrificed their blood to the Red Horde. However, he was betrayed by the Horde and driven out of the city by the people of Greyfell after they found out about what he did. Shin Tar Guar fled to a cave outside Greyfell and sealed the entry forever.

The Order of Dawn

Eight years after the convokation, whispers were heard near the graves of Shin Tar Guar's children. One of the inhabitants of Greyfell believed the voices to be the voices of the murdered children and, seeking to help them, sent the Rune Warrior to investigate. However, when the Rune Warrior investigated the gravestones the skeletons of the children rose and attacked. Realizing that the whispers were not the voices of the children but the voice of Shin Tar Guar who wanted new victims, the Rune Warrior opened the seal to Shin Tar Guar's cave. The ghost of the witcher emerged and was slain by the Rune Warrior.