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The Shinigami (死神 lit. Shinigami) also known in Japanese as Grim Reapers are the antagonistic faction in the Yo-Kai Watch anime series. They are a group of grim reapers that causes the death of their victims to become Yōkai and responsible for Yōkai exists, especially how Jibanyan became a yōkai. They appeared in EP25 in the original series as the secondary main antagonists as they chose Amy, Jibanyan's owner, as their next victim to cause her death and become a Yo-kai, but backfired as it was Jibanyan to sacrifice for her and saved her from a death wish fate. They returned in Yo-Kai Watch Shadowside as the main antagonists to kill Amy's daughter, Miho.


They first appeared in Yo-Kai Watch in Episode 25 where they were choosing another victim to turn into a Yōkai when their next victim was Amy. They took possession of a truck driver to kill Amy, but Jibanyan steps in to save her and taking the hit, causing Jibanyan to die and become a Yōkai. So in the end, the Shinigami group failed to kill Amy, but instead, do it on Jibanyan. 

In Yo-Kai Watch Shadowside episode 11, "I Am a Cat Yo-kai", they target Amy's daughter, Miho. After their first attempt at taking her life, Jibanyan (Shadowside) decides to make sure that Miho survives the Shinigami. After a few more encounters, the Shinigami realize they've made a mistake. Instead of Miho, they were actually supposed to kill an elderly woman. They apologize, and then leave. But with jibanyan still pissed with them, he ends up sending the Shinigami off flying, making their defeat.

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