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Shinrabansho is a mysterious entity and main character, later turned final antagonist in the anime/manga series, Nabari no Ou. She was voiced by Monica Rial.

Physical Appearance

She has the appearance of a young girl with pale skin, red eyes, long white hair, and wears a white robe.


Shinrabansho was once an ordinary girl living in a world filled with ninjas, known as Nabari, during the sengoku period who later died young due to unknown reasons. Centuries later, her spirit came into contact with a boy named Miharu Rokujou after he was attacked by ninjas who knew Shinrabansho lied within him. Shinrabansho soon awoken and gave Miharu knowledge to use her powers. Miharu uses her powers to defend himself and kill his attackers. As he passed out, Shinrabansho heals him of his injury.


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