Enough talk.

......Let's get started.

~ Shion

Shion is the secondary antagonist from The King of Fighters' XI. Contrary to feminine facade, Shion is a woman. Shion puts respect above all else, never underestimating others, much like Mukai.


Shion is one of Those from the Past, who is trying to awaken Orochi so that his master can absorb it's powers. Shion is very enigmatic, his past being completely unknown. He works under Magaki, although he doesn't trust him and don't approve his methods. Continuing from where Mukai stopped, Shion watches the King of Fighters tournament carefully, but Magaki alerts Shion to never betray him. Shion ignores his warning and continues to watch the tournament, expecting the winning team in the Final Hall to fight them so that their energy can finally awaken Orochi. Shion is certain that Orochi will awake soon, even after he is defeated. Angry at Shion's failure, Magaki drags him into another dimension and traps him, deciding to do the job by himself. After Magaki is defeated, he tries to escape through a dimensional portal, but suddenly Shion's spear comes flying through the portal, killing Magaki and trapping himself. Shion killed Magaki probably as a punishment for underestimating the humans and ruining their plan.



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