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The Shirogane Maids

The Morbucks Maids (or the Shirogane Maids in the Japanese version) are a team of recurring antagonists from Powerpuff Girls Z, the anime version of The Powerpuff Girls. They are a multitude of maids who work for Princess Morbucks. For some unexplained reason, they all look and sound exactly the same. They mostly tend to her personal needs, although they have also assisted Princess with her plans to destroy The Powerpuff Girls.


The Shirogane Maids are a single-minded group of dull and dreary housemaids, who embody a zealous and unwavering subservience to Princess Morbucks. They obey every whim of their master, although the unempathetic tone of their voices when doing so imply that they are not too happy with it. They are even more hesitant to obey orders when it comes to being demanded to do something unethical or illegal, as the first thing they do after being ordered to do so is they insist Princess that she should not be making such an order. This is always met with Princess screaming at them with the same order, to which they hesitantly reply to, by doing just as she asked. It is most likely that the only reason they're doing these villainous deeds is because of the notion that they are getting paid. This being said, although they commit crimes and promote evil, it is unknown if they are actually evil deep down or if they are just people who can defy their moral compasses when being bribed with enough money. Either way, their actions are malevolent and inexcusable.

Villainous Acts

  • In "Friends in High Places", they bribed the school principal into letting Princess Morbucks bring her cat to school, despite it being a clearly established rule that pets were prohibited at school.
  • In "League of Lovely Ladies", the maids tore down posters, advertising the erection of a Powerpuff Girls statue, even though Daddy Morbucks paid lots of money for the advertised event to take place.
  • In the same episode, the maids all operated an army of giant robotic versions of themselves to assist the League of Lovely ladies in destroying New Townsville.