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Hanada Shirō.jpg

Shirou Hanada is a villain from Higurashi no Naku Koro ni who appeared in the DS-Port Miotsukushi-hen of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kizuna: Dai Yon Kan Kizuna. While he was briefly mentioned in Kageboshi-hen, he served as a secondary antagonist in Miotsukushi-hen. He was a former subordinate of Tomoe Minai and Shingo Fujita; in fact, he used to work for Tomoe's late father in the past. His hobby is involved with cars, such as remodeling cars, and even participates in car racing.

It is implied that he works "Tokyo", especially when his plans involve with tricking Satoshi Tsukada on shipping "drug medications" that're supposed to supress the Hinamizawa Syndrome for the former residents of Hinamizawa, but instead, it's the drug that increases hallucination, and Natsumi Kimiyoshi and Aoi Hatakeyama, son of the Retirement Center's Owner who Natsumi worked for part-time, were the victims of this false medication. It was later revealed that he was the one responsible for kidnapping Nagisa Ozaki in Tokihogushi-hen, and that he was the true murderer of Tomoe's father. After the revelation and betrayal, Tomoe chased him down in a high speed chase. Later, Tomoe, injured in the process, finally captured him (who is also injured) and he was now arrested.

He was voiced by Junji Majima.


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