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Shisami is an elite soldier serving under Sorbet in the Galactic Frieza Army and a secondary antagonist in the movie Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F and the anime and manga series Dragon Ball Super.

He was voiced by Tetsu Inada in Japanese and the late Brad Venable in English.


Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F

When Sorbet announced he was going to revive Frieza, he only took Tagoma with him to gather the Dragon Balls, angering Shisami. Later, he was among the soldiers bearing witness to Frieza's revival. Along with the other soldiers, he cowered in fear after seeing Frieza knock Tagoma out into space after he suggested Frieza not pursue revenge against the Saiyans.

Shisami was a part of the army of 1000 Frieza Soldiers brought by Frieza to invade Earth and get revenge against the Saiyans. He later fights Piccolo, seemingly overpowering him with his superior strength. however he seems to have a slight advantage due to being superior in strength. Seeing that Piccolo was struggling, Gohan turns Super Saiyan and defeats Shisami with one blow, leaving Sorbet in disbelief.

Dragon Ball Super

Shisami's story in the anime is mostly the same up until the invasion of Earht. Sorbet ordered Shisami to elimate the Z Fighters. Shisami later fought Gohan. Shisami fared much better against Gohan than in the movie, and managed to capture Gohan, though he struggled to keep hold of him. However, Tagoma chose to use the opportunity to eliminate Gohan and Shisami through the back in an attempt to get at him. Shisami then falls down and dies, right after uttering one last statement of his hate towards Tagoma.


  • Shisami is named after sashimi, fish meat cut into pieces.


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