Shizuka is a villainous ninja assassin who serves as the bodyguard of Abul Abbas and a playable unit in Metal Slug Attack. She grew up in the same village as Yoshino.


Extra Ops

Silent Assassin

Shizuka joined Abul Abbas as his bodyguard after she was impressed with his bravery and not running away when she threatened him. She was then sent by him to destroy the Toschka Dalanue II outside his territory and succeeds in doing so.

Dancing Brave

Shizuka informs Abul of a partially constructed Ptolemaic Union 03 unit. Abul initially sends her to destroy the machine,but Aisha butts in and volunteers to do it instead. Shizuka expresses annoyance Aisha for her appearance and her apparent inexperience in battle. Despite this, Abul allows Aisha to carry out the mission while he discusses something secret with Shizuka.

Another Story

Cloak of Darkness

During an engagement against the Regular Army, Shizuka advised Abul against spreading his lines thin to allow the Regular Army to defeat them. Abul then assigns her a few soldiers when she goes to check the traps and finds that one of them has been triggered. She learns of Yoshino's presence and later retreats with Abul.


It is revealed that during her time at her village she was constantly bested by Yoshino. When the village was attacked by the Arabian Army, Shizuka found the elder was killed and assumed that Yoshino had done it for abandoned them. Shizula vowed to get revenge on Yoshino for supposedly betraying her. However, Shizuka later learns that the elder had sacrificed themselves for Yoshino and that Yoshino was not a traitor.


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