Sho Minamimoto
Any tree can drop an apple. I'll drop the freaking moon.
~ Sho

Sho Minamimoto is one of the secondary antagonists of the video game The World Ends With You. As an Officer of the organization known as the Reapers, he is responsible for coordinating lesser Reapers in the Reaper Game, in which the recently deceased compete for the chance to return to life. 

The Second Week

For the second week of The Game, Minamimoto is chosen as the game master, and as opposed to the previous one, Yodai Higashizawa, his instructions for the day involve puzzles and math. About halfway into the week, Sho stops issuing missions to Players altogether, which is extremely unusual for the Game. Sho is preoccupied with his own plans, creating Taboo Noise, which is a capital offense among the Reapers. He is eventually tracked down and defeated on the 7th day by Neku Sakuraba and Yoshia "Joshua" Kiryu, but Joshua is killed in the process, obliterated by Sho's Level-i Flare attack.

The Third Week

Sho returns in the third week, having recreated his body via a Taboo Noise sigil. His power is greatly magnified in his new form and Neku and Beat find that they can't destroy him. He reveals his plan to use his new power to overthrow the current composer of Shibuya. However, he is defeated and crushed beneath a pile of junk. Whether or not this actually killed him is ambiguous.

Another Day

In the alternate dimension of "Another Day", Sho is seen once again, but not as a villain. Under the alias Dr. Pin, as he is a master of the popular game Tin Pin Slammer. He helps Neku and the others out in their quest to return the Pins that were stolen at a recent Tin Pin tournament. While still an eccentric and not terribly reliable, Dr. Pin is helpful in his own way.


Sho is one of the youngest Reaper Officers in history: Mitsuki Konishi notes that his aptitudes are off the charts in intellect, tactics and combat potential. However, he has one major weakness: he will not cooperate with others. He is brilliant, but also eccentric and defiant. Sho is extremely fond of mathematics and frequently makes roundabout math references, as well as using math terms as battle cries.

Minamimoto believes "the world is garbage" and enjoys creating art to demonstrate this point: this art is usually nothing more than large pile of assorted garbage.

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