It is time to get shocked Spider-Man!
~ Shocker to Spider-Man
Tryin' to land on top, that was always Fred's things-- me, I always just wanted to treat this like a real job. Keep your head down, make a living, get out early. Everyone thinks that makes me a coward, but that's fine. I don't really care about all that. My reputation-- look at me, I wear a quilt! What kind of reputation am I gonna have? I was starting to get a little saved up, was looking at places in Hoboken--places with yards, even! But now--now this happens... Don't even know why I took 'im in the first place.
~ Shocker
Ride the Shockwave Express, web-head!
~ Shocker to Spider-Man in the subway tunnels of the Spider-Man video game based on the first film.

Shocker is a supervillain in the Spider-Man comic book series. At least two men are revealed to have assumed the identity of the said supervillain.

He was voiced by the late Cameron Boyce in the 2016 Marvel's Spider-Man animated series, who also portrayed Carlos De Vil in the Descendants franchise.



While in jail, the professional criminal Herman Schultz created a pair of shockwave-producing gauntlets and a padded suit to protect himself. He could now create powerful air-vibrations to smash down walls or blast enemies away. Shocker has joined the Sinister Seven and the Masters of Evil on different occasions.


He also joined the Thunderbolts for a short time, contemplating on giving up his criminal life, but has since left them and stayed a villain, joining the Villains for Hire. It is possible that Shocker has the potential to be a hero, but has shown a lack of self-esteem. He is a pragmatic criminal and only commits crimes and does evil acts if they are practical and beneficial at the time.


Despite being a relatively minor Spider-Man villain, Shocker has become more popular and has made many appearances in Spider-Man media, one of the most recent being The Spectacular Spider-Man TV series, in which his identity was changed from Herman Schultz to Jackson Brice aka Montana of the Enforcers.

Marvel Cinematic Universe

Two characters take up the mantle of the Shocker in the 2017 movie Spider-Man: Homecoming. Both Jackson Brice and Herman Schultz adopt the identity in the movie.


In every comic or TV Series of Spider-Man, Schultz is a very wrathful man because of the reason that he doesn't like that things aren't going by his will. Behind his supervillain custom is also a frustrated and fearful man struggling to find his place in life, even if it means resorting to crimes. During his many encounters with heroes he was once stricken with chronic anxiety and paranoia which stems from his fears about being targeted by more extreme anti-heroes such as Scourge and the Punisher (surprisingly, he managed to survive deadly encounters against both). While partnered with the Trapster, he mentions that he is being treated with psychotherapy, revealing that Shocker has his share of fear just like many other people.

Besides, he is also a dark, cold, violent, very ruthless and cruel man with a great desire of killing Spider-Man and mostly enjoys from wreaking destruction and havoc using his gloves. He is also highly intelligent, sophisticated and smart, with amazing skills of mastery at engineer and science as he invented his suit and gloves.

What makes Shocker unique as opposed to other supervillains, is his rationality: Shocker is concerned primarily with making a living for himself and protecting his reputation. As such, Shocker is able to behave in a much more professional manner than the majority of his arrogant, maniacal peers. Shocker has been often shown to realize his own limitations and underneath of his fancy gadgets and custom suits, he knows he is but an ordinary man.



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