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Shockwave was a Decepticon scientist, and a major antagonist of Transformers Cyberverse. Shockwave's ruthless efficiency made him a key asset to the Decepticons, but it also led to him butting heads with the more unorthodox around him, such as Soundwave. 

He was voiced by Ryan Andes. 


The young Shockwave was a friend of Wheeljack, and a fan of Megatron when he was a gladiator, high-fiving Bumblebee while watching Megatron win a match. He and Wheeljack hung out at Maccadam's, where they showed off a drone they had invented. Shockwave would also invent the cortial psychic patch. 

The Great War

On the day that the Great War broke out, Shockwave was present when Optimus and Bumblebee visited the Decepticon HQ to speak to Megatron, where he was seen attempting to attach a second head to the body of a Seeker. When Shadow Striker was critically damaged in an energon explosion, Shockwave "repaired" her by using parts of her Seeker guards. These parts, however, were faulty, much to her discontent. He also experimented on Clobber. As the war wound down, the Decepticons had captured Vector Sigma which Shockwave was tasked with using to reprogram the AllSpark so it would birth a new generation of Decepticons. Shockwave's drones then detected Bumblebee spying on them, prompting Shockwave to dispatch Starscream to deal with the scout. Learning of Megatron's master plan, the Autobots sent the AllSpark off Cybertron via a space bridge. 

Season 1

Millions of years later, in Sabotage, Shockwave remained on Cybertron as the Decepticon fleet searched for the AllSpark. When the AllSpark had been tracked to Earth, Shockwave contacted Slipstream, the agent sent to Earth, and told her to get rid of Windblade. Shockwave had discovered she and Bumblebee were using a cortial psychic patch to recover his lost memories, and Shockwave hacked in and forced Windblade out of the session. Assuming her likeness, Shockwave guided Bumblebee to fabricated memories designed to convince him that both he and Optimus Prime were Decepticon double agents. Though the ruse had some initial success it ultimately failed owing to Bumblebee's unshakable faith in Optimus Prime. Shockwave then attempted to use Windblade's safety, who was busy fighting off Seekers in the real world, as leverage for the Ark's location, but Bumblebee cut his connection. 

Shockwave and Shadow Striker arrived on Earth in The Extinction Event, bringing two magnetic disruptors with him. Shockwave planned to use them to wipe out all organic life on Earth, to simplify their search for the AllSpark. Taking his ship to the South Pole, Shockwave contacted Thundercracker for a status report only to see Grimlock had arrived and begun destroying the ship. With the Northern disruptor destroyed, Earth still lived but Shockwave was not worried, as one of his drones had smuggled itself aboard the Autobots' ship. Via the drone, in Awaken Sleeping Giants, Shockwave watched Teletraan-X deduce the Arks location to be Mount St. Hilary, ordering his troops to mobilize to the site. Even as his subordinates fell once more, Shockwave kept his watch on the Autobots via the drone and bore witness to their finding the Ark

Backed up by more drones in Eruption, Shockwave led the charge in his tank mode only for the battle to turn in the Autobots' favour. Shockwave scurried away back to his ship, intending to use its magnetic disruptor to cause Mount St. Hilary to erupt, destroying the Ark. Though he had triggered the eruption, Teletraan-X managed to raise the warship's shields. On a hill overlooking the volcano's base, Shockwave saw the Autobot crew emerge as the Decepticon fleet arrived to reinforce him. 

Season 2

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Battle for Cybertron

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