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How noble... Nobility is sorely over rated.
~ Shogo Akuji

Shogo Akuji is a villain in Saints Row 2, serving as the secondary antagonist of the Ronin storyline and one of the overall secondary antagonists of the game. He is Kazuo Akuji's son and was the leader of the Ronin's operations in Stilwater.

He is voiced by Yuri Lowenthal who also does the voice for Matt Miller.


Shogo Akuji, the son of leader Kazuo Akuji, created the American branch of the Ronin in Stilwater. His gang was eventually made up of portions of the city's Asian American population (mostly were former members of Westside Rollerz) and other Asian immigrants. They specialized in gambling, prostitution, and pornography, taking the Vice Kings' helm in vice entertainment. Behind his father's back, he also made a protection racket deal with Dane Vogel, the Chairman and CEO of the Ultor Corporation.

Shogo constantly tried to gain his father's approval, but Kazuo was always disappointed in him, as he saw him as nothing more than a liability. He also failed to see the gravity of the situation when the resurrected 3rd Street Saints robbed the Ronin-owned Poseidon's Palace Casino. Shogo was also not happy when his father decided it was finally time to come to Stilwater and look over the situation while teaching him how to lead.

Shogo sent a team of Ronin to kill the Saints, but most of them were killed by the Protagonist. Though another team attacked Aisha's home, resulting in her death and Johnny Gat being gravely wounded. After Jyunichi saved Kazuo from an assassination attempt at Wardill Airport following his arrival, the enforcer chose to be the intermediate between father and son. Kazuo then takes complete control of the Ronin, and demotes Shogo to the rank of lieutenant as punishment for his consistent failures. Humiliated and dishonored, Shogo turned his anger and jealousy on Jyunichi for his "betrayal" and because the Ronin second-in-command had managed to win his father's approval. Consumed with thoughts of revenge, Shogo gave up Jyunichi's location to the Protagonist, hoping to win favor with his father by having the Ronin's number two man out of the way. Although this resulted in Jyunichi's death, it did not improve the relationship between Shogo and his father. He later sent a team of Ronin to kill Johnny at the hospital, but the Protagonist managed to extract the Saints' second-in-command to safety. Kazuo later broke the business relationship between Ultor and the Ronin.

Angered by this, Vogel gave up the Akujis' location to the Saints, resulting in the destruction of the Ronin HQ in the Downtown District. In a last attempt to destroy the Saints and gain his father's love and respect, Shogo, with a team of Ronin, recklessly tried to kill Johnny and the Protagonist at Aisha's funeral. Johnny, blaming Shogo for ordering Aisha's death and infuriated by his attack at her funeral, breaks Shogo's leg and jaw, then buries him alive as an act of revenge. The newspapers later confirmed his death.


This article contains content derived from the "Shogo Akuji" article on the Saints Row Wiki, licensed under CC-BY-SA.


Jyunichi: Hello?
Shogo: What happened Jyunichi?
Jyunichi: What happened was that you left your father to die.
Shogo: I didn't ask for your opinion Jyunichi! What happened?
Jyunichi: I went to the airport to safe guard Akuji sans arrival. Once I saw the leader of the Saints making a move towards the terminal I made my way to the plane so I could evacuate your father. His entourage willingly gave their lives to ensure his safety.
Shogo: Let me speak to him
Jyunichi: No.
Shogo: What?!
Jyunichi: Your father made it quite clear he doesn't wish to speak to you anything you have to say to him will go through me.
Shogo: You ungrateful little...
Jyunichi: Sayonara.
~ Shogo's conversation with Jyunichi after he saved Kazuo.
Shogo: How badly do you want the man who hurt Johnny Gat?
Boss: Who is this?
Shogo:Jyunichi will be at Kanto tonight, this is our chance for revenge!
~ Shogo selling out Jyunichi's location to the Saints and ultimately being the cause of his death.
Where are you taking me? Let me go!
~ Shogo to the boss as he is dragged towards Johnny.
Shogo: Please stop.
Johnny: Not so fun when your fighting someone who isn't tied to a chair is it?
Johnny: You ordered it.
(Johnny punches Shogo through a tombstone)
Shogo: (Wimpers) I'm sorry.
Johnny: Well that brings her back doesn't it? You couldn't even let her have a burial you fucking piece of shit!
~ Shogo gets beaten up by Johnny for interrupting Aisha's funeral.
No, please no. Kill me, but don't do this. JUST KILL ME DAMMIT DON'T DO THIS!
~ Shogo's last words as he's buried alive.


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