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Shogun of Darkness is from the Ninja Gaiden video game for the Sega Master System. He serves as both the final boss and main villain.


The Shogun of Darkness was a mysterious Samurai who hid in the shadows of society. He lived in a dark castle that was located in Japan.

One day, the Shogan sent his henchman to invade the Hayabusa village in Japan. They stole the Bushido Scroll which was the village's most sacred relic.

After leaving the village, the henchman slaughtered all of the inhabitants. Ryu Hayabusa, a young ninja, returned to the village after his training. Upon seeing his home massacred and the Bushido Scroll missing, Ryu set out on a quest for vengeance.


The Shogun wears traditional Samurai armor: orange armor and a three pointed star embedded on the top of his helmet. He wears boots and gloves, both grey. His face is covered entirely by a Japanese mask. His samurai armor partly covers his white hands.


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