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Shoot is a hare-resembling boss character with a passion for soccer from Wario Land 3. He challenges Wario to a soccer match in “A Town in Chaos” which is located on the west side of the Music Box World. He is the guardian of the level’s red treasure chest containing the Blue Music Box, one of the key items Wario has to collect in order to free the hidden figure from its prison.

He bears a strong resemblance to his basketball-playing counterpart Dunk, another hare-like boss character fought in the game’s predecessor Wario Land II.


Once the fight starts, Shoot tries to jump on Wario in an attempt to turn him into a soccer ball and then procceeds to kick him into the goal guarded by a goalie turtle. In order to win the match Wario has to jump on Shoot's head to turn him into a ball instead and then use his iconic shoulder dash to ram the hare into the goal three times in order to win before Shoot does. If the goalkeeper catches Shoot however the latter will turn back into his normal form. Shoot on the other hand can never miss the goal since the turtle does not try to catch Wario. Shall Wario lose the match he gets removed from the battle arena and has to re-enter the fight, if Wario wins however the turtle gains him access to the red treasure chest containing the Blue Music Box.


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