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You want to buy? Many guns here.
~ The Shop Assistant upon meeting Rambo.

The Shop Assistant is a supporting antagonist of the 1988 movie Rambo 3. He is an unnamed Pakistani spy who served as a shop assistant to the Mujahideen arms dealer Mousa Ghanin, but later betrayed him and John Rambo to Colonel Alexei Zaysen.

He was portrayed by Iyad Hajjaj.


The shop assistant first appeared in Mousa's shop where Rambo entered after hearing of the capture of his close friend and commander Sam Trautman at the hands of Zaysen. At first, the shop assistant assumed that Rambo wanted to buy some guns, but Rambo stated that he's looking for Mousa since the latter agreed to help him rescue Trautman from the command post where Zaysen is holding him prisoner.

Unknown to both Rambo and Mousa, the shop assistant was secretly eavesdropping on their conversation. He then paid a visit to Zaysen's command post, where Tomask introduced him to Zaysen. The shop assistant then told Zaysen about the rescue plot and the village where Rambo and Mousa are residing in. With this information, Zaysen led a helicopter attack on the village, resulting numerous casualties (though Rambo and Mousa survived along with several other Mujahideen).

The next day, the shop assistant was invited back to the post to watch Trautman getting tortured to death via flamethrower while Zaysen leads a manhunt on Rambo. However, Rambo arrives to the rescue by taking down the two guards to their deaths, freeing Trautman from custody. Recognizing the shop assistant and realizing that he betrayed him and Mousa for greed, Rambo angrily threw his dagger at the assistant, but the latter barely avoids it while attempting to run away from the scene. However, Trautman manages to give chase before capturing the shop assistant and twisting his neck as punishment for his betrayal, killing him for good.


  • Out of the many villains who died in the Rambo series (mostly by the hands of Rambo), the Shop Assistant is the only known villain to be killed by Trautman.
  • Shop Assistant was a spy for Colonel Zaysen and the russian army. 


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