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~ Sharonda's famous catchphrase.
Let's Purge, bitch.
~ Shoranda

Shoranda (sometimes misspelled "Sharonda") is one of the villains of the satirical comedy horror movie Meet the Blacks.

She is portrayed by Tameka "Tiny" Cottle.

She is a local resident of Chicago and an unwed mother with a couple of children who once immediately forced Carl Black Sr. to marry her for a very short time since she first gave him a ride as mentioned by his daughter Allie Black. He finally got away from her under the pretense of going to the grocery store after putting up with her attitude and her children whom he described as "smelling like urine". He then found the woman of his dreams named Lorena and married her after putting a restraining order on Shoranda. Carl Black and his family along with his wife Lorena and his ex-prison inmate cousin Cronut used stolen drug money from the recently arrested drug lord Key Flo as the perfect opportunity to flee Illinois and never come back.

Shoranda soon tracked down.


Please don't tell me your ass in California.
~ Shoranda, calling Carl Black.
You told me you was goin' to the store!
~ Shoranda to Carl Black
You married?
~ Shoranda to Carl Black.
"Pisstivity" ain't even a word, dumb-a$$.
~ Shoranda talking smack to Carl Black
I know you didn't just say that about my kids.
~ Shoranda