The Shot Mask is the first of Black Cross Iron Man Mask General Temujin's Masked Monsters. He's also the main antagonist in episode 21 of 1975 TV series called Himitsu Sentai Gorenger.

He is voiced by Masaki Iwana who previously voiced a Rainbow Mask and later voiced a Door Mask and an Iron Tube Mask.


The Shot Mask made his first at HQ as he reported the location of where the other half of the map is at and the archaeologist who has it.

A while later the Shot Mask is at Mt. Fuji as he and a couple of Zolders chased Isamu. Turns out it was a trap to lure the Aorenger away from Dr. Shimizu so they can abduct him in order to find the giant Zeppelin. Once the Zolders captured the doc Aorenger flew to help the bodyguard out and as for the Shot Mask he left the site.

A while later the Shot Mask is heading back to HQ, but he takes a step back and brought Isamu with him. However once they reached inside the cave Dr. Shimizu doesn't have the other half of the map because Akira stole the researcher's part of the map for the opening of the vault with the weapon. With that said the Shot Mask left the cave to find the other half of the map.

A while later the Shot Mask challenged Akira to a one-on-one combat and if one of them wins they get the other half of the map. So they began they're duel at an open field with Dr. Shimizu and Isamu tied up. After that the Shot Mask opens fired on Aorenger sending him down the hill and now the Shot Mask has both half of the map. However when the rest of the Gorenger showed up the Shot Mask and his general left the area.

Back at the hideout he forced the researcher to help open the stone vault because if he refused this device (that was somehow built quickly) will do harm to his son. A while later the Shot Mask was at the exact location of where the Zeppelin is at and has the Zolders to dig and mine it out. Once they found all three keys the Shot Mask orders the Zolders to execute the researcher and his son. Thankfully the Gorenger arrived to prevent that. After some training with his comrades Aorenger wants a rematch against the Shot Mask after they deal with the Zolders that the Shot Mask has sent. Once that was done the Aoranger used his arrow and stabbed the Shot Mask right at his neck and then the Shot Mask is destroyed by this finisher called Gorenger Storm.

Before enacting an attempted execution of Akarenger, Door Mask noted, among others, Shot Mask as one of the Iron Army that the Gorengers had murdered.


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