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Shout Out is a minor antagonist in the controversial comic book series The Boys. He is a homosexual member of the corrupt superhero team Teenage Kix.



Shout Out makes his first appearance in a group sex orgy with his fellow teammates when Hughie was spying on them.

Later, when Teenage Kix met The Boys, they started an attack on them. At the beginning, their leader gets headbutted by Billy Butcher. Shout Out attacks Hughie, but he was caught by Billy Butcher when Shout Out attempted to fly away. After this, Hughie accidentally killed Blarney Cock, which was shocking for other teammates. Shout Out tried to escape, electrocuting the Butcher's face. Butcher, angered at him, pulled him to himself and tore the thumbs off his fingers.

He later appeared at Blarney Cock's funeral, revealing his sexuality and is leaving the team. He is never seen again.

TV Series

In the TV series adaptation from Amazon, Shout Out and Big Game is mentioned by the Butcher who wants their files.


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