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Shran is a recurring antagonist-turned-ally in Star Trek: Enterprise (originally known as Enterprise). Introduced in the first season episode "The Andorian Incident", he appeared in one further first season episode, one second season episode and two episodes of the third season (including the season finale) before becoming a major recurring character on the fourth and final season.

He was portrayed by Jeffrey Combs, who also played Weyoun and Brunt in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Herbert West in the 1985 film Re-Animator, the 1989 sequel Bride of Re-Animator, and the 2003 sequel Beyond Re-Animator, Dr. Vannacutt in the 1999 film House on Haunted Hill, and the 2007 sequel, Return to House on Haunted Hill. He voiced Brainiac in Injustice 2 and Scarecrow in The New Batman Adventures.


Shran was a commander in the Andorian Guard, who led an assault team who occupied the Vulcan monastery on P'Jem, convinced it was a cover for a listening post spying on Andorian space. The Andorians had searched it twice before and found nothing, but the arrival of Enterprise made them more convinced they were correct. Shran took Archer, T'Pol and Tucker prisoner and had Archer beaten and tortured, convinced he was conspiring with the Vulcans. A rescue by Reed using the transporter led to a firefight in the monastery's catacombs, during which it was revealed that Shran was correct and there was an illegal Vulcan listening post beneath the monastery. Archer allowed Shran to leave with the evidence.

Uncomfortable at being in Archer's debt, Shran sought to pay him back. When Archer and T'Pol were captured by rebels on Coridan, Shran worked with Tucker and Reed to rescue them, although their plan was disrupted by an attack from the Vulcans. Shran later enlisted Archer's help to organise a peace treaty with the Vulcans over the disputed world Weytahn, foiling an attempt at sabotage by his lieutenant Tarah.

After the Xindi attack on Earth and the reveal they were building a larger weapon, Shran travelled into the Delphic Expanse claiming to be offering Enterprise assistance. He worked with Enterprise to steal the prototype of the Xindi weapon: However, he was under orders to secure the weapon for the Andorians and absconded with it, stranding Archer. Worried what he would use it for, Archer destroyed the weapon. Despite this, Shran brought his ship to defend Earth when the Xindi-Reptillians attempted to deploy the full weapon against it, working with Archer and his Xindi allies to destroy the Reptillian shift and declaring that this time Archer owed him.

When the traitorous Vulcan administrator V'Las attempted to lead them in an invasion of Andorian space, Tucker contacted Shran to warn him. Shran refused to believe the word of Vulcan ambassador Soval and had him captured and tortured. Soval stuck to his story and Shran was impressed that he didn't simply tell him what he wanted to know. He joined with Enterprise in defending Andorian territory against the Vulcan fleet until Archer, T'Pol and T'Pau managed to depose V'Las.

Shran later transported the Andorian delegation to a conference on Babel One, only to be attacked and his ship disabled, apparently by a Tellarite ship. He was rescued by Archer but, on learning the Tellarite delegation was on board, launched an attack on them. Before Archer could restore order, Shran's lieutenant and lover Talas was killed by Tellarite aide Naarg. Shran challenged Naarg to a duel to the death but Archer took his place and defeated Shran by severing his antenna. Shran worked with humans, Vulcans and Tellarites to expose the Romulans as faking attacks on everyone's ships. In the process, he began a relationship with the young Aenar woman Jhamal.

In the show's finale, set some six years later, it was revealed Shran had faked his death after making enemies. When his daughter Talla was captured, he requested the help of Archer and Enterprise and they managed to rescue her.

According to the Enterprise Relaunch novels, Shran later became an admiral in the new Federation Starfleet and became Chief of Staff in charge of defence.


  • No name other than Shran was ever mentioned for the character, but his full name was given as Thy'lek Shran in an on-screen graphic. The novels preferred to give his full name as Hravishran th'Zoarhi.


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