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NOTE: This article is about the Shredder from the 1990/91 live-action TMNT films. For the iteration from the 2014/16 live-action movies, see Shredder (2014).

You fight well, in the old style. But you've caused me enough trouble. Now you face... the Shredder.
~ The Shredder, to the Turtles.

Oroku Saki, also known The Shredder, is the main antagonist of the original 1990 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film and its 1991 sequel Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze. He was once a rival of Homato Yoshi and a skilled ninja who then became the arch-enemy of Master Splinter and the title characters.

He was portrayed by James Saito in the first film, François Chau in the sequel, both voiced by David McCharen. As Super Shredder, he was portrayed by Kevin Nash, who also played the Russian in The Punisher.



As a younger man, Oroku Saki was the arch-rival of Hamato Yoshi, who competed with him in many ways. Their most fierce competition, however, was for the affection of Tang-Shen, who ultimately chose Yoshi. Rather than see him and Saki fight over her, Shen persuaded Yoshi to flee to America, taking along Yoshi's pet rat, Splinter, who learned ninjitsu from watching his master train. They all eventually settled into New York City, where Yoshi got work as a construction worker. However, Saki would not accept rejection from either his rival or love interest and swore revenge on them both.

Following them to New York, Saki broke into their home and murdered Tang Shen in cold blood. When Yoshi came home and saw her dead, Saki took advantage of his shock and ambushed him, killing him as well. In the struggle, Splinter's cage was knocked over, freeing him. In revenge for killing his master and mistress, Splinter attacked Saki by leaping onto his face, biting and clawing at it, leaving it permanently scarred. In retaliation, Saki threw Splinter to the ground and attempted to kill him with his sword, but was only successful in cutting off the rat's ear before escaping.

In the aftermath, Saki stayed in New York, where he became a powerful crime lord. To hide his true identity, he dressed himself in large metal bladed armor and began calling himself "The Shredder". He also established the Foot Clan and trained young street thugs to be a part of it. He did this by providing them with various luxuries and warping their minds to think that he actually cared for them.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

When he discovered that the news reporter, April O'Neil has information on his Foot, he orders them to find her and silence her. That plan failed when Raphael saved her from the foot and brought her to his home as the Foot follow and they discovered the Turtles lair. The Shredder then had them kidnapped Splinter and hires Danny to keep an eye on the Turtles. After the Turtles escape he was furious realizing that their fighting kept reminding him of something he remembered in the past.

When he discovered that the Turtles have returned due to a drawing of Leonardo he found on Danny's pocket, he decided to face them himself and took his foot with him.

After the Turtles have defeated the remaining Foot, the Shredder arrived and attacked each of them one by one. He defeats them with ease with Leonardo being the only one who puts up a fight. Just when he was about to kill Leonardo despite the other Turtles' surrender, Splinter arrives to fight the Shredder and explains to him that he knows he is Oroku Saki. The Shredder removed his mask and remembers what Splinter has done to him and said he will finish what he began with his ear. He charged at Splinter, but the mutated rat uses one of Mikey's nunchaku as a defense.

The Shredder attempts to kill Splinter by trying to stab him with a dagger, but the ninja master sent him falling off a roof into a garbage truck, saying that while death will come for everyone, Saki will die without honor. Casey then activated the trash compactor inside the truck, crushing the Shredder supposedly to death.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze

In the sequel, the Shredder survived, but with even greater scarring on his face and resumed leadership of the Foot Clan from Tatsu. He wanted revenge against the Turtles for his defeat and discovered the origin of his enemies by finding a canister containing a mutagen called Ooze.

He used the Ooze on a snapping turtle and wolf to create two mutant monsters, Tokka and Rahzar to kill his enemies. Unfortunately, they were infants before they were evolved which means that while they are much stronger than even Shredder, they also are overly childish and dimwitted in nature. Despite this and Shredder's annoyance towards them, they prove strong enough to beat the Turtles in a straight fight.

Later, the Turtles confront the Foot and defeat most of them. They also cure Tokka and Rahzar; reducing them to harmless pets. Shredder then arrives after they effortlessely defeat Tatsu, holding out the stolen canister of Ooze saying that he can still use it to make more mutants, until Keno (an ally of the Turtles) kicked the canister out of his hands. The Shredder however, still had a vial of Ooze with him and took a woman hostage, threatening to mutate her, if they followed him. The Turtles saved the woman's life by using high pitch soundwaves from a giant speaker to blast the Shredder through a window to the docks, but he survived and drank the vial, transforming into a powerful, destructive Super Shredder.

In a kamikaze attempt to kill the Turtles, he brings the docks down in rage. When Leonardo begs him to stop, he picks him up, tells him to be it, and throws him down to the ground as he didn't care that bringing the docks down will kill him too. Super Shredder continues bringing the docks down, which eventually crushes himself to death while the Turtles escaped into the water. This time he was dead for good as his hand lay lifeless after trying to re-emerge from the rubble. With Super Shredder's death, his conflict with the Turtles and Splinter was over and the deaths of Hamato Yoshi and Tang Shen were finally avenged.


Find her. Silence her.
~ Shredder ordering his men to kill April O'Neil.
(To new Foot Ninja) Money cannot buy the honor which you have earned tonight. You make us all proud. (To street gang) Only effort, discipline, loyalty, earn the right to wear the dragon dogi. You are here because the outside world rejects you. This is your family. I am your father. I want you all to become full members of the Foot. There is a new enemy, freaks of nature who interfere with our business. You are my eyes and ears. FIND THEM! Together, we will punish these... creatures. These... turtles!!
~ The Shredder's first lines, to the New York street gang that he is trying to make into new ninja.
Raphael: Where's Splinter?
Shredder: Ah, the rat. So it has a name... It
had a name.
Leonardo: Hnnngg... YOU LIE!
Shredder: Do I?
~ The Shredder, taunting the Turtles over Splinter's disappearance.
Shredder: (Indicating Leonardo) He dies. (Indicates with his head) Weapons! NOW! (After Donatello, Raphael and Michelangelo have chucked their weapons over the tower's edge) Fools! (Laughs briefly) The three of you might have overpowered me with the loss of but one. Now your fate... WILL BE HIS!!
Raph, Don and Mike: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
~ The Shredder, about to kill Leonardo.
(Takes his faceplate off, revealing his scarred human face) You... Now I will finish... what I began with your EAR!
~ The Shredder, before charging at Splinter with his yari.
Shredder: Chose the best man from those that aim to follow the reporter. She is the key to finding the creatures who did this to me.
Tatsu: Yes Master. Next Master, we rebuild the foot?
Shredder: No, there is only one thing next: Revenge! (growls)
~ The Shredder plotting his revenge with Tatsu.
Yes, come forward. Attack me if you will! When this is over, you can call me Master.
~ The Shredder to Tokka and Rahzar.
BABIES! THEY'RE BABIES! (growls in frustration)
~ The Shredder after finding out that his new creations are only infants.
Maybe I'll keep them around after all.
~ The Shredder after seeing how strong Tokka and Razhar are in spite of their immaturity.
I've been waiting for you. I have a little surprise.
~ The Shredder to the Turtles before revealing sharp blades to impale the Turtles upon.
~ The Shredder commanding the Foot Clan.
Tonight we sent a calling card for the Turtles. Tomorrow we force a final confrontation.
~ The Shredder to Tatsu.
Let the games begin!
~ The Shredder declaring his final confrontation to the Turtles.
The battle is yours, but the war is far from over. Not so long as I possess this! (The Shredder holds up the canister of Ooze before Keno kicks it out of his hand)
~ The Shredder
Leonardo: Shredder, you've gotta listen to reason. You're gonna destroy us all!
Shredder: (Picks Leonardo up and throws him down to the ground) THEN SO BE IT!
~ The Shredder before his ultimate demise.



Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze



  • In the comic book adaptation and novelization of the first film, the Shredder's background is the same as the Mirage Comics comics; he was not Hamato Yoshi's rival in love but his brother Oroku Nagi, who was killed by Hamato to defend Tang Shen and that unleashed the vindictive anger of Oroku Saki.
  • His rivalry with Yoshi over Shen would be adopted with his 2012 version. Both Shredder's murder Shen, although the movie one did it purposely and the cartoon one did it by accident.

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