Krang and his monster may have failed, but I assure you, I will not.
~ Shredder to the Turtles before the boss fight.
Tonight I dine on Turtle soup!
~ Shredder during the final fight.

The Shredder is one of the two main antagonists (alongside General Krang) in the 2016 video game TMNT: Mutants in Manhattan. The Shredder is the leader of the notorious Foot Clan and an ally of an alien warlord General Krang. He is one of the most dangerous men on Earth and the archenemy of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and their sensei Splinter.

He is voiced by Nolan North.

He and General Krang masterminded a plan involving an alien invasion to Earth. They kept turtles busy while their minions were smuggling alien tech to the TCRI building, where Krang was finishing the inter-dimensional portal to Dimension X. After fighting their way to the top floor of the TCRI, they defeated Krang, but Krang had already commerced the invasion.

Krang's army was already coming through the portal, but the turtles defeated them and also the Mega Krang. They understanded that their defeat did not close the portal, it was being generated on a helipad. They fought their way up there and finally confronted Shredder for the second and final time in the game. After being defeated by the turtles, he crushed the generator and fell from the flying helipad without either a parachute or a jetpack.

Donatello was trying to close the portal and when he finally succeeded, the turtles escaped from the helipad with jetpacks, right before it was sucked into the portal. In the final cutscene turtles found Shredder's mask and left it behind, but Shredder picked it up in the ending.


  • He and the other characters in the game are based on their IDW comics counterparts.
  • Shredder is encountered in the game on two occasions, the first being with Karai on the unfinished skyscraper and the second on the helipad as the final boss.
  • His true identity is not revealed in the game, but it might be Oroku Saki.
  • If it is fought in difficult mode it will turn into Super Shredder.
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