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This is Shredder, Listen to me turtles. We have taken Splinter. To get him back, you must defeat the Foot Clan. We're waiting for you. Ha, Ha, Ha!
~ Shredder on the turtles' tv screen, taunting them on his kidnapping of Splinter.

Shredder is the main antagonist of the TMNT Platforming game for the NES. While he borrows from his 1987 counterpart, he is also somewhat similar to his Mirage Comics self.


Shredder wears a red tanktop and pants, claws, and a three-pointed helmet.

Powers and Skills

Shredder enters battle by teleporting via lightning and charging and jumping towards the turtles with his claws. Sometimes he will draw out his Life Transformer Gun to try and de-mutate the turtles.


Hours before the game began, Shredder kidnapped April from her news van, intending her to be brainwashed into his ranks. He also holds the Life Transformer Gun the turtles needed to turn Hamato Yoshi back into a human.

By the time the game begins, he entrusted April's capivity to Rocksteady with Bebop's assistance and had sent Roller Cars to seak out the turtles who were sent by Splinter to save April from his clutches, providing them support along the way.

After the turtles save April from a lone Rocksteady, she asks them to stop the Foot Clan from using bombs to destroy the dam at the Hudson River, leading them to infiltrate the interior and dive into the river on the other side to disarm the bombs within two minutes and twenty seconds.

After the bombs were disarmed, the turtles return home only to find it in ruins, Shredder shows up on their TV screen to reveal that he and his clan have taken Splinter captive and must defeat him to get Splinter back. With April's aid, the turtles track the kidnappers to Wall Street where, after navigating the town and blasting away barricades, come face to face with Mechaturtle, who was guarding the captive Splinter. After managing to destroy the robot, the turtles save Splinter only for Shredder to escape via helicopter to his base in the South Bronx.

To track him down, the turtles infiltrate the JFK International Airport and destroy a gigantic mouser to get the Blimp. When the turtles reach the Shredder's South Bronx Base, searchlight mechanisms have been deployed to seek out potential intruders.

With some luck, the turtles find the right path to the Technodrome and best it in battle in order to break in and fight their way through in order to defeat Shredder and claim the Life Transformer Gun in order to make Splinter human again.


  • The fact that Shredder committed the crime of bombing is a lot similar to the 2012 Shredder's act of sending Dogpound and the purple dragons to put chlorosulfonic acid to blow up the turtles lair in hopes of killing Splinter and the Turtles in the episode "Panic in the sewers".


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