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In Image Comics Raphael was blasted in the face with a laser (by a cyborg TMNT) and part of his face was disfigured. After that, he wore one of Casey Jones' old hockey masks for much of the time to hide his scars, and eventually just an eye patch.

He also had some contacts with the Foot Clan; some he even called his friends. Later, after a few incidents Raphael wore the Shredder's armor in an attempt to psychologically dominate a number of the New York Mob, with whom the Foot Clan was engaged in a losing gang war. He had accidentally stumbled into a battle between Foot members and these gun-toting Mobsters and was chased right into Shredder's old forge. He donned a slightly variant version of the armor (which had far more blades on the arms than just the two held on the hand by a type of brass knuckle band seen in other versions of the Shredder), and pretended to be the Shredder to get the advantage on his pursuers.

He succeeded in defeating them and was then accepted into, and given control of, the New York faction of the Foot Clan for a brief time. Of course, conflicts arose with his brothers, and he came to be attacked by Splinter as a bat, who thought he was the real Shredder. He was eventually overthrown by Lady Shredder.


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