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Hamato Yoshi is finished. The Earth can be destroyed for all I care, I have finally won!
~ Shredder's infamous and last words after killing Splinter before he could save the world from destruction in the original timeline.
The Hamato Clan has gotten weak. It is rotting from the inside, the Foot was the oldest of all ninja clans, but it was wiped out by Hamato Yuuta when he slain its master, Oroku Keiji, my father. I was adopted by the Hamato Clan as an infant, raised by my enemy in ignorance. I will have my revenge on them all!
~ Oroku Saki learning his true heritage, corrupting the Hamato Clan, and rising to power.

Oroku Saki, better known as the Shredder or later the Super Shredder, is the main antagonist of the 2012 TV series Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

He is the deadly and ruthless leader of the Foot Clan, the kidnapper of Karai, and the archenemy of Hamato Yoshi/Master Splinter and Leonardo (sometimes with the rest of the turtles). He is also the master of Tiger Claw, Rahzar, Fishface, Bebop, Rocksteady, and Baxter Stockman. He is also Yoshi's former best friend and adopted brother. At the end of the Season 4 episode "City at War", Shredder is mutated and becomes a greater threat than ever before.

He is voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson, who also played Sarevok Anchev from Baldur's Gate, Captain Gantu from the Lilo & Stitch franchise, Goro in the Mortal Kombat film, Chairman Drek in the video game, Ratchet & Clank, Joker in the Kids WB show, The Batman, Darkseid in Superman: Shadow of Apokolips, Trigon in Teen Titans, Trigon's 2013 incarnation in Teen Titans Go!, and Rhombulus from Star vs The Forces of Evil.


He serves as the main antagonist of both Seasons 1 and 3, one of the two main antagonists (alongside Kraang Prime) of Season 2, one of the two main antagonists (alongside Captain Mozar) of Season 4 and the posthumous overarching antagonist of Season 5 (appearing as the final antagonist of the Kavaxas arc).


You only dishonor yourself. You were always jealous. Always scheming. Always filled with hate.
~ Splinter to Oroku Saki at their first fight.

The Shredder is highly delusional, selfish, petty, pretentious, and manipulative, bordering on a psychopathic, sociopathic and emotionless spectrum, he possesses a warrior's mentality and unshakably determined in a quest for revenge against his former friend Hamato Yoshi. While he says differently, Shredder is a man with no honor whatsoever, having betrayed humanity by assisting The Kraang in invading New York only so he could fulfill his quest for vengeance against Yoshi and his turtle followers. He later sheds any affection he has for the few people he loved.

Shredder's undying hatred of Splinter is due to losing Tang Shen to him and the Hamato Clan (mostly Hamato Yuuta) for killing his birth father and wiping out the Foot Clan when he was a baby while keeping the truth about his heritage a secret and dealing with the fact his entire life was basically a lie and his brother has taken the only thing he knows is true. Shredder considers Splinter to be the world's biggest scum and resents every childhood memory of being raised as adopted brothers. While some of his anger is justified, he makes it clear that he hates Yuuta more for lying to him instead of killing his father.

Shredder is shown completely focused on vengeance. Karai stated with everything strange that's happening, he should have questions. To her statement there's more to life than his vendetta, Shredder fiercely refuted there's nothing more than that and deems anything not affiliated with his revenge as a distraction. Before allied with the Kraang, Shredder sees the threat they pose as none of his concern, with an exasperated Karai deeming how short-sighted he is. He shows no concern for mankind as well. Tiger Claw commented how little the Kraang care about the human race with Shredder adding neither does he.

Shredder is highly spiteful, conniving, remorseless, vindictive, sadistic, impatient, and cold-blooded as a seasoned warrior, able mow down his enemies without blinking an eye and decided to spite Splinter by abducting his newborn daughter, Miwa. He had a cunning mind and was a big liar. When he had given Miwa a new name as Karai, he raised her in lies about her heritage just like him; claiming he and her mother were together and that Yoshi killed her when it was a murder he accidentally committed. Shredder is a highly deceitful and cunning person who could easily manipulate people toward his advantage or sacrifice people for his advantage. He is also smart enough to serve as one of New York's biggest crime-lords without detection.

The Shredder's skill and ease with lying seems to be result of the falsehoods he was fed as a child. However, most of his nature stems from his own jealously and being willing to deceive others to get his way.

The Shredder has a twisted sense of mercy. While he was intolerant of his henchmen failing him, he would not kill them but instead beat them and aggressively threaten them if they continued to fail. The cruelest punishment he had served so far was mutating Baxter Stockman, Ivan Steranko and Anton Zeck for continuously failing him and committing crimes against him, respectively. But despite this, he bargained with the Kraang to find a cure for his mutated "daughter". He also spared Splinter once the latter lost his memories as even he felt that losing one's mind was worse than death.

While he is a very cold, violent, hardened, and contemptuous man, Shredder was in no way incapable of love, the very cause of his quest for revenge against Splinter was out of jealousy that his love Tang Shen preferred his friend over him. In the "Turtles in Time" episode, he comforted Tang Shen after she was worried that Hamato Yoshi cared more for his clan than he did for her and her daughter. Shredder also cares for his adopted daughter Karai, training her in his ways and after she was mutated he searched for a cure to her mutation. Even after she blatantly rejected him, Shredder still calls her his daughter and ignored her hostility and aggression towards him.

Perhaps Shredder's most prominent trait was his intense victim mentality, incapable of accepting or admitting blame for his actions, all stemming from his past on being raised in a major lie, and wants for revenge against the people who he believed had wronged him. He truly believes that Tang Shen was stolen from him by Splinter and believed it was Splinter who caused her death, completely ignoring the fact that her murder was by his hand. Shredder also blamed Yoshi for Karai being mutated, disregarding that he was the one who endangered the girl in the first place.

Shredder's love for Karai was what convinced him to help stop the Triceratons, but his desire for revenge proved to be too great. Instead of helping Splinter stop the destruction of Earth to the very end, he took the opportunity to kill him while his back was turned. He didn't care that the world would end and that seeing Karai again would be fruitless as long as his grudge was settled, an action much to Tiger Claw's outrage. In the revised timeline, his true motives for betraying Splinter are revealed to be that he blames Splinter for her disappearance, indicating he still may have cared for her. However, he never considered that due to his actions, she would have been wiped out as well.

After mutating, Shredder's mind was warped as he saw all the lies he had told himself and Karai as the truth, with the girl stating he's come to believe an entire dream after so many lies and his archenemy proclaiming he's become the monster he always was on the inside. He refused Stockman and Tiger Claw's warnings to stop taking more mutagen as it would make him more unstable. However, it's shown his mind was warped from the mutation.

Karai's pleas to stop wasting his life on vengeance got through to him for a moment. Unfortunately, after his mutant body became stable and perfected, even for Karai and Tang Shen. He cruelly taunted Karai and stated she would perish in flames like her mother had. But it was all because he was still under the mutagen's and it stabilizer's influence, considering Leonardo's question if his destiny was to be a monster or a demon, which Shredder finally sees the monster he has become and hesitates for a second out of remorse, but it was too late for him to stop anyway. Therefore, he would have never sunk to the levels he did if not for having Stockman mutate him.

As an undead zombie, Shredder was briefly shown not as vengeful. After being enslaved, he truly aided the Turtles by ensuring Kavaxas was sent back to the Netherworld, telling the Demodragon they did not belong in the living realm. This shows he might have accepted who he was in life (possibly remorseful for his many sins), taking Leo's words to his heart and that he no longer had a place in the living world. This serves as further proof that he still retains some of his honor, but let his desire for revenge guide him.

Overall, despite his few noble traits, Saki generally proved to be a monster regardless of form, being the near epitome of human evil in the series behind the Rat King, and is impossible to redeem at all. He never truly atoned for his actions nor did he want to despite his remorse and acceptance of his death, and would have likely continued to haunt the Turtles and their friends if not for him deciding to remain dead. All in all he is is just a broken man who never got over his hatred of the Hamato Clan and envy of his brother and focused solely on that, driving everything else in his life away in his pursuit of revenge to the point where he is no longer sympathetic, and brought his own doom to himself.

Powers and Abilities

Shredder's skills of ninjutsu are very high, going beyond what any other ninja could reach, since he been training for it his entire life. Also, he was able to become unbeatable for learning forbidden ninjutsu. He was able to easily defeat all the turtles and for long brutal fight against Splinter who is the only one who rivals him, and later Leonardo.

His abilities are quite amazing for a human to have, as shown that he has immense strength. Even his strength was formidable enough to battle large opponents like Leatherhead and Rocksteady in a short fight. The greatest display of his skill was shown when he defeated all members of the Mutanimals and Turtles by himself while taking little damage. That said, he still lost after they dropped a statue on him.

His speed seemed to be unmatched for the turtles as Donny said it is "like he was everywhere at once" in combat, so he's proven to be much faster than the Turtles as not even their combined speed hindered him. The Turtles did, however, match his speed overtime.

Shredder's acrobatics seems to be very well adaptable in combat for reflexes and his agility, as shown by fighting against Leatherhead and how even before his transformation, he was able to keep up with the Turtles even after they trained for years.

His stamina and endurance is also high for his age, enough that he was able to take the jaw strength of Leatherhead, but the type of armor that he wears could be very proactive for his body to take many blows of attacks. As for his stamina he was able to still fight back just shortly after he was attacked by Leatherhead. Having the battle against Splinter in the episode "The Invasion ", he used his special skill by using his fingers that is powerful enough to push opponents to the wall that can defeat most of his enemies, but Shredder was able to get back up to continue to fight Splinter until he revealed that his arm was wounded, but he was still able to walk. Even with his injured arm, he became victorious. His endurance increased even further upon becoming Super Shredder.

Although he was covered in armor, he is surprisingly very stealthy, able surprise his enemies as he was able to sneak behind Leonardo.

His intelligence is also quite high, as he knew the Turtles live in the sewers, knowing Master Splinter was in New York training a team of Ninjas, and is a highly cunning mob boss who controlled the crime in New York for many years. He is highly-versed in both his native Japanese and the English language.



  • Hamato Yoshi/Splinter - Oroku and Yoshi were raised in Japan as adoptive brothers and very good friends, and the two learned, exercised and became Masters in the art of Ninjitsu. However, their companionship suffered a great strain when they both fell in love with the very same woman, Tang Shen. They constantly competed for her attention, but she chose Yoshi in the very end. Jealous, Oroku began harassing Yoshi, insulting him and purposely trying to get him angry. This eventually culminated when Oroku learned of his true heritage and restored his birth clan as "the Shredder". Breaking into Yoshi's own house and challenging him to a mortal duel, both men engaged in battle, and the house soon caught fire in the process (due to the fact that some burning candles were left laying around at the time), killing Tang Shen and horridly burning the Shredder's face. The latter found Miwa and secretly took her in, raising her as his own daughter and telling her many lies about what Yoshi "did". Sixteen years later, the Shredder discovers that Splinter is hiding out in New York City, and he leaves Japan (along with his deployed Foot Ninja) to finish him off. The two finally meet again in "Showdown, Part 2" and duel with each other in The Foot Headquarters. The Shredder soon reveals to Splinter that his daughter is indeed alive, and he attempts to have her kill Splinter when she shows up. With this revelation, it is likely that Splinter despises The Shredder even more than he formerly did. In "The Manhattan Project", the two were excepted to a duel in Shredder's Hideout when Splinter was recaptured, only to be rescued by the Turtles. Eventually, their feud ends up becoming deadlier than ever with Splinter removing any pretense he had regarding making amends with Saki after the latter stabbed him in the back during the Triceraton invasion. Once the Turtles undo this and Earth being destroyed, Splinter beats Shredder to near near death. Shredder, however, did become the winner of their feud after killing Splinter after mutating into Super Shredder. Beforehand, Splinter tries and fails to reach Saki several times, indicating that he still wished his adopted brother would see reason and showed some regret over having to fight him despite his hatred towards him.
  • The Turtles - Since they are affiliated with Splinter (as his disciples), Shredder views the Turtles as enemies, and he orders his henchmen to find and kill them throughout the entire series. However, out of the two times that The Shredder has encountered them, he's let them live only for the purpose of interrogating them. The Turtles hate Shredder for everything he's done to their sensei as well as all the other crimes he committed throughout the series. Out of all of them, Leo despises Shredder most of all. So much in fact that Leo often tried to finish off Shredder before finally doing so in the season 4 finale "Owari". Even when he tried to appeal to Shredder's good side, it was only to distract him as he felt he was too far gone even if he did feel remorse.
  • April O'Neil - Shredder learned from his Kraang hostage that April is not only a friend of the Turtles, but also the missing link to the Kraang's invasion plan that the Turtles are guarding from them. So with the Kraang's help, he uses April as bait to lure Splinter out of hiding. Due to this and what he's done to Splinter, April greatly dislikes him. She ends up disliking him even more after he kills Splinter for good, even joining the Turtles during to mission to destroy him and the rest of the Foot and only not taking part in the final battle because of the fire.
  • Casey Jones - Shredder almost caught Casey spying on the meeting at Don Vizioso's restaurant but accepted the boy's lie that he was a bus-boy and kicked him out. Later, at the Auman Chemicals factory, Casey stops Shredder and attempts to fight him in his vigilante gear, but Shredder is unstoppable for Casey and unmasks him as the same boy from the restaurant. While the teen is inferior to him, the assassin commends Casey for his spirit. They don't have too many other interactions throughout the series, but Casey highly dislikes him like the others. He even tried and failed to kill Shredder after the latter murdered Splinter. Like April, he joins his friends to finish him for good after finding out that he's still alive.
  • Hamato Miwa/Karai - Shredder kidnapped Splinter's baby daughter, Miwa, after the events of his and Hamato Yoshi's final battle, named her Karai, and raised her as his own child. However, it was uncertain that Saki truly loved Karai like she does him. In Season 2, after she finds out that Saki is not her true father, she betrays him and he has her locked away. In "Vengeance is Mine," Shredder did not want Tiger Claw to kill Karai when she got out. When Shredder wanted Karai to understand what he had to do, Karai told Shredder that he is not her father. After the Turtles freed Karai, Shredder states to Tiger Claw that Karai will want to have her revenge on him. When Karai arrives to get her revenge on Shredder, she ends up overwhelmed by Shredder who manages to defeat her. Shredder then plans to use Karai as bait so that he can have the Turtles fall into the mutagen vat filled with snake DNA that Stockman had placed in there. During Shredder's fight with Splinter, Shredder tried to stop Leonardo from freeing Karai only for her to fall into the mutagen vat and emerge as a snake-like mutant much to the dismay of Shredder and Splinter. Shredder blamed Splinter for Karai's mutation as the resulting battle ends up destroying Stockman's lab. He escapes after vowing to avenge Karai. This event reveals that despite Shredder's cold attitude and lack of empathy to Karai, he truly saw her as his daughter and loved her dearly. He also continues to refer to her as "his" daughter because he still sees her as his own because he raised and cared for her and desperately searches for her so the Kraang can mutate her back to normal. He even makes Baxter Stockman make a mind control serum so Karai can be in the foot clan again, even though she can't be turned back to normal again. After mutating, Shredder no longer cares for Karai and tries to kill her. Karai, meanwhile, never makes any attempt to appeal to his better nature aside from one instance where she does so to catch him off-guard.
  • Slash - Shredder and Slash don't interact much except when the dishonorable ninja used his Mind Control Worms on him to attack Splinter and abduct Raph, but Slash breaks free of from Shredder's control with the help of the Turtles and the other Mutanimals, then drop a huge statue on the crime lord. Slash was involved in the semi-final stand with Super Shredder, which claimed Splinter's life. During this, Slash showed as much contempt towards Shredder as everyone else.
  • Leatherhead - Shredder's attempts to kill Splinter during the Kraang invasion was interfered with by Leatherhead when he bites Shredder's stomach and threw him into the building. As Leatherhead attempts to free Splinter, Shredder attacks him in return and kicks him down into the water. Leatherhead fights Super Shredder at the Mutanimals' hideout, but is defeated once again.
  • Kavaxas- Kavaxas was tasked with reviving the Shredder by Tiger Claw, but brainwashed Shredder upon resurrection. After Kavaxas was defeated and forced to open a portal back to Netherworld, he attempted to resist entering, but Shredder, angry over being used and dissatisfied with his new state of being, punched Kavaxas and himself through the portal, cementing him as the only other villain Shredder openly loathes and is disgusted by.
  • Shinigami - Karai's best friend is barely recognized by Shredder, her witch-like tricks having no effect on his mutated form. It is perhaps fortunate that she is insignificant to him, however, allowing her to save Karai's life when Super Shredder destroys the Mighty Mutanimals' lair and bring her to a hospital.
  • Hamato Yuuta - Shredder's former adoptive father. He hated Yuuta for lying about him about his origins and keeping so many truths from him. He eventually killed him before his attempted murder of Yoshi.


  • Chris Bradford/Dogpound/Rahzar - Shredder trained Bradford in his own image as the Foot's top lieutenant and second best fighter, maintaining his rank and respect to the entire clan. After the Turtles began beating him on a regular basis, though, Shredder respects him far less, even forcing Xever Montes to be his leader in one episode. When they became Dogpound and Fishface in "The Gauntlet", Shredder seemed legitimately upset that his allies became mutants and screamed in rage. When Shredder came back from his trip to recruit Tiger Claw and he saw that Bradford had mutated again, he simply said "You look terrible, Bradford." Their partnership remains mostly positive throughout the series with Shredder even letting Chris lead whenever Tiger Claw wasn't around. Despite this, Rahzar was disgusted after seeing the state Shredder was in after getting revived. However, it is unknown if he would have joined Tiger Claw against him if he weren't brainwashed.
  • Xever Montes/Fishface - Shredder freed Montes from prison after Montes was caught burglarizing his property by the police, mainly because he found his burglarizing skills very useful to his clan, as well as the fact that Montes likes having a job where he gets to crack skulls almost everyday. Despite this, Xever mostly helped Shredder for his own cause and was clearly not as loyal to him as the others. He even betrayed him and the rest of the clan after things became "too weird for him" in the final episode of the Kavaxas Arc in Season 5.
  • Baxter Stockman/Stockman-Fly - Shredder spared Stockman after Stockman's M.O.U.S.E.R.S.s interfered with his feud against the Turtles, mainly because he found his talented inventing skills very useful to his clan, which led to several improvements, such as making Fishface a pair of robotic legs, thus making the latter a more powerful combatant. Shredder, however, for the most part, cares little for Stockman and he probably chose to dislike him even more after the scientist trapped Dogpound and Fishface in the "Maze of Doom". Stockman still buys back Shredder's favor by creating a formidable or even decent mutant army for him. Furthermore, Shredder started treating Baxter better; showing that deep down, he values his smarts. When he was incapacitated, he pointed out to Stockman how ironic it was he, of all his henchmen, would be the most useful in keeping Shredder alive. Even then, he still threatened him when Baxter tried to talk him out of mutating him further.
  • Takeshi/Tiger Claw - Shredder found Tiger Claw in Japan and found his bounty hunting skills very useful, thus he made the fearsome feline his second-in-command. Though Tiger Claw is unimpressed with the Foot Clan, he accepts the job regardless. Even after Tiger Claw returned from the stomach of the Kraathatrogon, he was reinstated as the second-in-command, showing how much Shredder respects his ally's skills. Despite this, Tiger Claw did show some contempt towards Shredder for being willing to sell out Earth to the Kraang. He and Karai also talked Shredder out of killing a drugged Splinter in Wormquake, stating it would be more honorable to give him a fighting chance.
  • Ivan Steranko/Rocksteady - Shredder and Steranko have been business partners in the mafia, but Shredder doesn't always trust him that much. This distrust escalated after Shredder found out that he sent Zeck to steal the Kuro Kabuto and was hunting Karai, and had Steranko and Zeck mutated and then work for him as payment for their treachery. Despite their anger, the pair proved to be powerful allies even though they likely only served him out of fear. They, like Xever, flee the Clan shortly after his revival.
  • Anton Zeck/Bebop - Shredder was almost robbed by Zeck of the Kuro Kabuto, which the Turtles return to him in exchange for Karai. Upon finding out that Zeck was employed by Steranko, Shredder proceeds to have the thief punished for stealing his helmet and hunting Karai without consent by mutating him and Steranko before employing the new mutant pair into his service.
  • Don Vizioso - Shredder and Vizioso have been business partners in the mafia like he was with Steranko, and during Shredder's meeting with the food critic at his restaurant, he announces that the Kraang have given him the opportunity to gain control over much of the criminal underworld in the city. Thus, he asks Vizioso to join in by sharing control of his mob to him, and after being proven a point, Vizioso complies. After Shredder was hospitalized, Vizioso believes their alliance was null and void. After Shredder's death, Vizioso considers his old associate a freak while stealing his mutated heart and intended to take over his turf now that he was gone.
  • Purple Dragons - A street gang and occasional allies.
    • Hun - Shredder considers Hun his only pupil in the Purple Dragons, and he helps Shredder retrieve a chemical from the Auman Chemicals Factory for his mind control serum. Though they don't interact much after this, Hun shows how loyal he is by accusing Miwa of being a spoiled little girl after she starts destroying Shredder's operations.
  • The Kraang - An alliance was made only to get closer to Hamato Yoshi, but his true intentions were to use their technology and mutagen for himself. After their successful invasion on New York City, he bide his time for the right opportunity to betray them and take over himself, knowing they'll likely try a similar move, which he generally isn't wrong considering the endgame of Kraang Prime, their leader, was to launch a missile that has enough payload of stabilized mutagen for them to mutate everyone into Dimension X-like beings, which include he himself, for him to subjugate.

Love Interest

  • Tang Shen - She was a woman who both Oroku Saki and Hamato Yoshi fell in love with. She chose Yoshi over Saki, however. In a fit of jealousy and rage, he attacked Yoshi one night and killed Tang Shen in the process when he missed a swing meant for Yoshi and killed her instead. Saki stole her and Yoshi's daughter and raised her to hate her father while claims he and her mother were together. As a Young man it showed Saki did indeed love Shen but used emotional manipulation to lure her away from Yoshi. Tang Shen's death would take a toll on Saki after he became the Shredder as he blamed Splinter for her death. After his perfected mutation, however, he implies he no longer loves Shen; giving a cruel nod to her death at his hands before trying to kill her daughter.


  • Oroku Kaiji - Oroku Saki's biological father who died when he was an infant.


You never listened to me. Just like Tang Shen.
~ Oroku Saki fighting Yoshi in the dojo
So, my old enemy is in New York and training his own army. At last I can finish what I started so long ago. Prepare my jet! I'm going to visit an old friend.
~ Shredder's first lines.
And you! [to Montes] I should have left you to rot in that prison where I found you.
~ Shredder to Xever Montes.
Your skills are impressive... but they will not save you!
~ Shredder encountering the Turtles for the first time.
There is undoubtedly a fascinating story in how my old nemesis came to teach ninjutsu to four mutant turtles. Perhaps I will let one of you live long enough to tell it.
~ Shredder to the the Turtles.
They defeated you with GO-KARTS AND A WATER BALLOON?!
~ Shredder enraged at Dogpound's defeat.
It seems your mutated form has its advantages... but do not forget our primary goal. Locating Splinter and the Turtles.
~ Shredder to Dogpound.
I want you to find out more about this "Kraang". Their technology could prove useful in our war against the Turtles.
~ Shredder telling Karai to gather more information about the Kraang.
Tell me where Splinter is, and I'll let you live long enough to watch him perish.
~ Shredder to Raphael, Donatello and Michelangelo.
Well done, Karai. I found something for you. You've always wanted a pet.
~ Shredder capturing a Kraang.
You promised me the the best soldiers in the world, and the Turtles have decimated them one by one. The ones left are hardly worthy of wearing the foot emblem.
~ Shredder tells Dogpound his disappointment in the Foot.
I believe what this fool is saying is that the Mutagen is dangerously unpredictable. See to it that fail safe measures are put in place.
~ Shredder after the Kraang he captured tells him about Mutagen.
It seems we have a common enemy...
~ Shredder deciding to ally himself with the Kraang.
Now that you are here, Ms. O'Neil is no longer of any use to me. I gave her to my new friends...the Kraang.
~ Shredder to Splinter.
What? A rat?! [Laughs] I see you are as hideous as those turtles that surround you. How fitting. You are a rat that has been caught in my trap.
~ Shredder realizing that Splinter is a Mutant.
Splinter: Why must you persist in this insanity?
Shredder: You took Tang Shen from me.
Splinter: She was never yours.
~ Shredder still daring asserted that Tang Shen was only up to him.
Splinter: You have never had anything but your hatred! And if you defeat me, you will have nothing!
Shredder: [Laughs] That, is where you are wrong. You took something from me, so I took something from you. Your daughter!
~ Shredder revealing that Karai is actually Miwa.
It's over, Hamato. Soon you will be no more, and your own daughter will go through her life cursing your name.
~ Shredder preparing to kill Splinter (Booyaka-Showdown - Part 2).
I have one last mutant I want you to create, or I will pluck the wings off the lonely insect that you are.
~ Shredder to StockmanFly.
...Yes. Hamato Yoshi is your true father.
~ Shredder admitting to Karai that Splinter is her real father.
Tiger Claw: You are more ruthless than I thought. Mutating your own cub!
Shredder: I have no intention of mutating her. She is merely bait for the Turtles. When the Turtles arrive to save her, I will drop them into the Mutagen! This will mutate them into mindless serpents. I want Splinter to watch his own pupils turn into one of the rat's deadliest enemies, then, when his spirit is broken, I will shatter his body!
~ Shredder revealing his plan to destroy Splinter by mutating the Turtles into snakes.
It's working, it's...
~ Shredder finally getting mutated
Stockman, is it finished? (Stockfly: This is it, Master Shredder. The Super Mutagen has finally been perfected.) Do not disappoint me again, insect. (Stockfly:With this new formula, your mutation will be stabilized.) Yes, it feels natural! Stable. Let me test out this new mutagen. Activate the Footbots, level 12! (Stockfly: As you command, sir.)
~ Shredder's mutation stabalized
It is fitting that you perish just as your mother perished!
~ Super Shredder confirming he has lost all his redeeming qualities while attempting to kill Karai.
And now, Hamato Yoshi, DIES!!!!!!!!!.
~ Shredder after he stabs Splinter and throws him off the roof to his death.
I was wrong. I thought after the death of your master you will flee from the city as you did before, afraid to face me. Afraid to embrace your fate.
~ Shredder facing the Turtles for the last time while he was a mortal
Leonardo: You killed him. He was your brother, and you killed him! He was your brother, Saki. Your best friend! How could you do that?
Shredder: Splinter was cursed to become a loathsome rat! It was his fate, his destiny!
Leonardo: You're a monster! A demon! Is that your destiny?
Shredder: No. I I'm...(Leo tries to stab Shredder in the face but he blocks him and puts him down) And now you die.
~ The last words of Shredder before perishing.
I am... cold. Is this truly the earth? Or another illusion? I have been gone for eons. (Tiger Claw: No. Many months, but not eons, Shredder. You need to recover. Kavaxas, will he heal?) (Kavaxas: In time.) (Tiger Claw: What? Restore him now! I do not want an excuse to keep you here.) Kavaxas stays with us, Tiger Claw. Soon this pitiful world will be ours.
~ Shredder's first words after he was resurrected as a zombie by Kavaxas.
We do not belong here, demon!
~ Shredder's last words before he forces Kavaxas and himself through a portal back to the Netherworld.


  • In Splinter's flashbacks, Shredder is seen wielding a pair of "Tekkō-kagi" (lit. "back of the hand hooks"). In the present, he is seen with custom-made Tekko-kagi claw weapons: They have extendable blades and are razor sharp. They have also been shown to be strong enough to cut through metal shipping containers.
  • The Shredder's real given name "Saki" is (usually) a female Japanese name that ironically means "blossom" and "hope".
  • He owns an Akita Inu named Hachiko. Hachiko contributed to Dogpound's mutation by biting him before the mutagen spilled on him. The dog is never seen again after that episode, however.
  • Shredder is one of the few villains on the show to have killed people onscreen, killing Tang Shen and Splinter onscreen. The only villains with such distinction are Kavaxas (who drained the souls Hattori Tatsu and the Hammer, as well as killed some of Don Viszioso's other henchmen), Za-Naron (who vaporized Donnie), Jei (who killed Raph, Donnie and Mikey in a dream), Creep (who drained the mutagen from Raph), the Triceratons (who destroyed the entire Earth), Dracula (who killed the mummy) and Newtralizer (who electrocuted Mickey and ate a Kraang). Along with Kavaxas, Count Dracula and Newtralizer, Shredder is the only one who has killed someone and the victim stayed dead.
  • It is unknown why Shredder was sick and dying prior to his mutation, although there are a few possibilities. One of them being that Splinter's beating damaged his immune system.
    • His helmet was removed for a long period of time, and therefore not covering the areas of his face that had no skin on them, making it easier for him to be infected.
    • The jabs Splinter made his pressure points at his chest and stomach areas, which could have stopped his organs from working properly.
  • In an original scene from "Owari", it was shown that Super Shredder was decapitated by Leonardo but it was censored, although blood can still be seen on Leo's sword.
  • The 2012 version of the Shredder is considered to be one the darkest and most murderous version of Oroku Saki in other media alongside his 1990s version. (Utrom Shredder does not count since he isn't the actual Oroku Saki of that show)

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