Shredtail is a villain in Erin Hunter's Warriors book series.


Shredtail is seen when Crookedjaw is looking for Mapleshade in the Dark Forest. Crookedjaw overhears Shredtail and Thistleclaw fighting viciously, Shredtail snarling at Thistleclaw to do the move again and do it better this time. He attacks Thistleclaw when he fails at the move. As he hits the ground he starts battering his apprentice's head with a fury of swipes, making blood spray from the torn fur. Shredtail is also attacked by Thistleclaw and then he struggles free and attacks back. He ducks away and says that that was better. Crookedjaw thinks that his training sessions with Mapleshade were vicious but not that vicious. Shredtail agrees with Thistleclaw when he says that his time is coming, Shredtail snarls at Thistleclaw if he was sure that Sunstar would not be soft and choose Bluefur instead of him. He warns him that he should be grieving for Snowfur, saying that grief could bring strength. Shredtail asks if he was grieving for Snowfur also, to which Thistleclaw spits saying that Bluefur should have died instead. He asks about Thistleclaw's son Whitekit (Later Whitestorm), and Thistleclaw hisses that he is like his mother, with no fire in his belly or hunger for battle. Thistleclaw then comments that they should be training not talking.

Shredtail is seen in the Dark Forest when Jayfeather and Spottedleaf visit. He is in a brutal training session with Hawkfrost and other Dark Forest cats. Hawkfrost calls him forward along with Snowtuft, and orders him to slice open Snowtuft's body. As Jayfeather and Spottedleaf leave they hear Snowtuft howling in pain.

Shredtail is introduced to Ivypaw by Hawkfrost. Ivypaw notices the scars criss crossing his pelt from older wounds. He is chosen by Thistleclaw (his former apprentice) to stand on the large black and white rock during training. He tells Shredtail that he must try to attack others with a blow to their heads. Once they begin, Sparrowfeather hits him hard in the face and he starts to bleed. He becomes frantic when the other cats start hitting him by every side and he tries to hit them all with aimed blows.

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